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November 26, 2022

Kovesi, clear path toward new term at DNA helm

Justice Minister Raluca Pruna has to make two nominations this year: for the office of Prosecutor General, after Tiberiu Nitu resigned, and for the leadership of the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA), since Laura Codruta Kovesi’s term is ending.

In what concerns the leadership of the DNA, it seems Laura Codruta Kovesi has no contender for a new term as chief prosecutor. The activity she carried out in her last term in office has convinced Raluca Pruna. The Justice Minister has only words of praise for the current head of the institution that has sowed fear among politicians.

“I look outside Romanian society too and I notice that Ms. Kovesi has received for instance the Reader’s Digest award as recognition from certain institutions and persons that are not from Romania. I believe this is confirmation from persons that have no kind of vested interest, no kind of emotional involvement. So then, why would we be hypocritical if things are like this? I believe we have a lot to do in Romania and we should be more conscientious about other things and should not claim to feign procedural process when it simply is not necessary and when it is absolutely legal to reinstate someone,” Raluca Pruna stated for ‘Revista 22.’ Accused by the political world for the fact that the institution she leads overuses pre-trial arrests, Laura Codruta Kovesi is defended by Raluca Pruna.

“It doesn’t seem to me that DNA has overused pre-trial arrest and it’s true that the political report, which passed through the college of commissioners and is adopted by the Commission at a political level, is not talking about preventive arrest. However, there is also a technical report that talks about pre-trial arrest and about the fact that there were voices whose opinion is that pre-trial arrest is overused. However, whoever reads the technical report and does not take this paragraph out of context and reads the whole section that refers to the right to fair trial in general, can note that the Commission in fact only mentions facts and some reserves from society, in order to then conclude that pre-trial arrest is not the prosecutor’s decision, but it is always confirmed by a judge. So there is no reason for worries from this point of view. We cannot say pre-trial arrest has been overused. I am sorry to say, the state’s coercive power also means pre-trial arrest in certain situations in which, I repeat, a prosecutor proposes and a judge rules in conditions of legality, in line with the law, his own consciousness and especially the body of evidence. However, it has the guarantee that an independent judge offers,” Pruna added for the aforementioned source.

Monica Macovei: Appointment of new DNA director should be based on clear, transparent criteria

MEP Monica Macovei, former Justice Minister, emphasised that the appointment of the new Prosecutor General and the new head of the DNA has to be made based on clear, transparent criteria that should be placed at citizens’ disposal.

The M10 Party President emphasised on Saturday on Digi24 that specialists that would continue the fight against corruption and criminality should be appointed in these positions. At the same time, Monica Macovei underscored that she would fire the chiefs of police and prosecutor’s offices in cities that have underworld clans.

“I have great expectations. It’s essential to continue the fight against corruption and criminality. And when I say criminality I mean the Prosecutor General, the organized crime directorate, which means human trafficking, arms smuggling, children trafficking, cybercrimes. It is very important; all prosecutors have to be led by a prosecutor that would tell them that criminality has to be lowered. Work is not being done everywhere in the country, that is why there are underworld clans, because people didn’t do their jobs. The chief of police and the chief of the prosecutor’s office have to be held accountable. I would fire them all in cities in which there are clans,” Monica Macovei said.

The MEP stated that the hearing is a very important stage in the selection process and she recommended the use of a psychologist too.

“The procedures have to be respected, a selection procedure is needed, just like I started doing in 2005. I recommend [the use of] a psychologist, clear and transparent criteria. The hearing is very important. You look in the man’s eye, you see him, you feel him. The Minister has to say based on what criteria they were elected, then we see the hearing at CSM, after which it depends on the President. My expectation is for us to see the criteria, for these procedures to be carried out and for the best to win, the one who is the best professional, the bravest, the strongest, the one who does not care who calls him and the one who cannot be politically influenced,” Monica Macovei concluded.

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