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October 31, 2020

Ambassador Werner Hans Lauk : Germany, powerful investor on the Romanian market

In an interview for ‘Romania Libera,’ German Ambassador Werner Hans Lauk answered a series of questions concerning Romanian-German relations.

Referring to the economic aspect of bilateral cooperation, Werner Hans Lauk emphasised: “We are happy with the positive evolution of economic exchanges, which are balanced, which means we have a reason to trade. There is indeed this cultural bridge represented by the German minority, but there are also a high number of Romanian citizens who live in Germany – over 400,000 – and who contribute to Germany’s economic evolution.”

At the same time, the German ambassador emphasised that over 7,000 German capital companies are currently present on the Romanian market, employing over half a million Romanians.

Asked whether elements are also absent from bilateral relations, Werner Hans Lauk pointed out: “I don’t believe we could talk about shortcomings in our relationship, and this was also outlined during the German State Secretary’s visit to Bucharest last week. Romania is a place sought by German investors, as shown by the number of companies that are already active here. It’s true that things can be even better in what concerns the transport infrastructure for example, which has to be improved. There is also need for greater transparency in the act of governance, there is the need for the judiciary to implement the legislation so that the acts of governance and administration would have a certain quality. It is a process we support, together with the Romanian-German Chamber of Commerce and with the eight clubs that bring together German-speaking investors. We are trying to build a credible relationship with Romanian institutions in order to promote good collaboration even more. We are delighted with the way in which the new Romanian Government started some actions. It’s important to maintain collaboration in the educational domain in order to hike the number of those qualified.”

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