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December 7, 2021

HealthMin Achimas-Cadariu: ‘‘I am frustrated by absence of Marie Curie Hospital investigation results’

Health Minister Patriciu Achimas-Cadariu on Wednesday went to the Marie Curie Hospital in Bucharest to look into the health state of infants from Arges hospitalised with haemolytic-uremic syndrome.

“I’ve come to see the infants and encourage the doctors. I do no want to put pressure on them, I just want to encourage them and I want to see whether or not we can do more or if they need anything from the Health Ministry. (…) I’ve come to see if they need anything. I wanted to see what exactly all was about,” the minister said.

He added that he says no more about the case because there is an investigation underway. “We will provide all the details at a news conference today. There will also be testimonies in Parliament, after which we will hold a news conference,” said Achimas-Cadariu.

Asked if the infants were given a stool analysis before coming to Bucharest, the minister said that as far as he knows the tests were performed.

Also, Patriciu Achimas-Cadariu says he feels frustrated by the absence of the results of the investigation into the case involving infants hospitalised at the Marie Curie Hospital with an haemolytic-uremic syndrome.

“I am very frustrated that we do not have the results of this special investigation, but I am not obliging anyone to provide other than the real results, and reality is what it is. The investigation was conducted along the exiting standard procedures. We have also called on our colleagues elsewhere in Europe and we will provide more details after hearings at Parliament.
Parents are very much confident in the doctors here; we are all fighting for the children,” the minister said on a visit to the Marie Curie Hospital.

He added that if the investigation shows the doctors of Arges, the county wherefrom the ill infants came, were late in sending the infants to Bucharest, appropriate measures will be taken against them.

The minister added that the Arges Public Healthcare Directorate will be investigated to see whether or not it acted properly.

Achimas-Cadariu said no culprits should be sought now, but solutions for the healing of the little ones.

He added that he did not come to the Marie Curie Hospital as a minister, but as a doctor, to encourage his colleagues.

Marie Curie Hospital’s Stanescu : 7 infants with haemolytic-uremic syndrome still in, 3 in serious condition

Seven infants diagnosed with the haemolytic-uremic syndrome are still hospitalised at the Marie Curie Hospital of Bucharest, with three of them in a serious condition at the ICU and four in a better shape at the Nephrology Department, the hospital’s spokesperson, Denis Stanescu, told Agerpres on Wednesday.

She said that three infants at the Intensive Care Unit are closely followed, but they do not need mechanical ventilation.

All three are undergoing peritoneal dialysis. Three of the four infants at the Nephrology Department are also undergoing dialysis, Stanescu said.

She added that on Tuesday two infants with the same diagnosis were discharged.

European specialists expected in Bucharest on Thursday to help in deadly HUS crisis

Specialists of the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) will be in Romania on Thursday to help in multiple cases of children with hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS), Health Minister Patriciu Achimas-Cadariu announced in a press conference on Wednesday

“It is about the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, an absolutely standard mechanism which we called when we found ourselves in this absolutely specific and repeated situation. (…) It is not uncommon to appeal now to those specialists; we did it exactly when we had to. We haven’t jump into the water too soon, we haven’t postponed either. We did it exactly at the end of our investigation, when we’ve learned of this situation,” the minister explained.

He said that he keeps the Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos posted all the time with the situation of the babies with HUS.

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