PM Ciolos: Still supporting ANAF intervention’s merits in Antena 3 case, regretting its way of action

Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos on Wednesday evening said he is still supporting the merits of the intervention of the National Agency for Fiscal Administration (ANAF) both in the case of Antena 3 private broadcaster and other cases as well, while regretting the way of action, namely storming the premises, which can be interpreted as intimidation.

“I have hailed and supported and I am still supporting the merits of the ANAF intervention both in the case we were talking about and in general when the intervention is fully justifiable by the enforcement of law while refusing to be intimidated by any pressure when doing its job. I have informed the ANAF personally about my full support for everything it does to enforce the law. I regret ANAF’s way of action in this case and others, namely by storming the premises [of debtors] as it can be interpreted as intimidation,” Ciolos says in a Facebook post.

He adds that he disagrees with such way of action in all cases or generally against companies of individual tax payers, and that he has asked ANAF to enforce the law without using such practices, which risk discrediting the image of ANAF as serving the citizens.

Ciolos told a plenary session on Wednesday that he asked the new management of ANAF to reanalyse the ANAF ways of action so that the attitude of tax officers to be of respect to the citizens and tax payers.

He underscored that ANAF’s action is no attack against the right to free expression or the freedom of the press, because it was about a state institution deciding to enforce a final and biding court ruling. He added that ANAF acted by virtue of its legal powers as an enforcement body.

He also told the Senate that the five-day notice for voluntary eviction is provided for by the Code of Civil Procedure, not ANAF.

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