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April 10, 2021

Bail set at RON 500,000 for Madalin Voicu

Lower Chamber lawmaker Madalin Voicu, who avoided detention and pre-trial arrest after his colleagues voted against them on Wednesday, has been placed by the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) under conditional bail and the bail has been set at RON 500,000.

“The defendant will pay, within 10 days from the moment the present ordinance is issued, a bail of RON 500,000, which will be registered under the defendant’s name and placed at DNA’s disposal,” the communiqué reads.

The 60-day conditional bail measure was adopted, according to the same source, “in order to ensure the proper progress of the criminal trial, to prevent the defendant from evading prosecution and to prevent the perpetration of other crimes,” after the Lower Chamber rejected the DNA’s request for it to approve the detention and pre-trial arrest of Madalin Voicu.
While on conditional bail, Madalin Voicu has to respect several conditions: to show up at the DNA and at the Bucharest Police Precinct no.6 every time he is summoned, to immediately inform prosecutors and police if he changes residence, to show up at the police precinct in line with the timetable agreed or every time he is summoned, to leave Romania only with the prior approval of the prosecutor, and to avoid meeting or contacting, directly or indirectly, the other defendants.

“Defendant Voicu Madalin Stefan is notified that in case he deliberately fails to meet his obligations, the conditional bail measure can be replaced with house arrest or pre-trial arrest,” the DNA communiqué reads.

Voicu showed up at the DNA on Thursday, in the case in which lawmakers did not approve the DNA’s request to place him under detention and pre-trial arrest, in order to be notified about the prosecutors’ decision. Madalin Voicu did not want to make statements.

Last Wednesday, DNA Chief Prosecutor Laura Codruta Kovesi asked the notification of the Lower Chamber Speaker in order for the Lower Chamber to approve the detention and pre-trial arrest of MPs Madalin Voicu and Nicolae Paun.

Madalin Voicu is accused of influence peddling, misrepresentation and money laundering (all recurrent).

Pro-Europa Roma Party Association President Nicolae Paun is accused in the same case, among other things, of misrepresentation that resulted in the illegal obtainment of European funds and embezzlement.

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