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September 29, 2020

Eurostat: Romania, fifth largest producer of cereal grains and third largest sheep industry

In 2014, the European Union harvested a record level of 331.7 million cereal grains, France topping the rankings with 72.7 million tons, followed by Germany (52 million tons), Poland (31.9 million tons), United Kingdom (24.5 million tons) and Romania (22.1 million tons), the data published on Thursday by the European Statistics Office (Eurostat) show.

In 2014, the cereal grains production grew in most member states compared to 2013, including in Romania (from 20.8 to 22.1 million tons). Likewise, the EU’s production of cereal grains grew by 15.2 per cent compared to the average production registered in 2000-2012, even though the cultivated surface dropped by 5 per cent. Among member states, the most remarkable growth was registered in Lithuania (72.4 per cent), Estonia (70.3 per cent) and Latvia (68.3 per cent), followed by Bulgaria (56.9 per cent), Slovakia (49.3 per cent) and Romania (39.1 per cent).

Value-wise, cereal grains represent 13 per cent of the EU’s agricultural production and 25 per cent of the EU’s vegetal production. On the other hand, pigs, cattle and sheep represent 17 per cent of the EU’s agricultural production and 42 per cent of its livestock production.

In 2014, EU had 84.2 million sheep, almost identical to its number of cattle. Over a quarter (27 per cent) of the EU’s sheep were reared in the United Kingdom (23 million sheep), followed by Spain (18 per cent) and Romania (11 per cent, 9.5 million sheep).

Nevertheless, Romania is not among the member states that contribute the most to the value of the EU’s agricultural production. France tops these rankings, contributing 18 per cent of the EU total, followed by Germany (14 per cent), Italy (13 per cent), Spain (10 per cent), United Kingdom (8 per cent), Netherlands (7 per cent) and Poland (5 per cent). Together, these seven member states generate three quarters of the EU’s agricultural production.

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