Good news from Marie Curie Hospital. Children with hemolytic-uremic syndrome are out of life-threatening danger

All the seven children with hemolytic-uremic syndrome who are being treated at the Marie Curie Hospital are out of the life-threatening danger, Nephrology Section chief Mihaela Balgradean said on Friday.

“We can say that the imminent danger, the life-threatening danger, has passed for all of them,” the doctor said.

According to her, the next discharges will be done in stages, as the treatment for this illness must follow a certain path.

She said that five children are still receiving dialysis.

According to her, the illness is “related to some foodstuffs,” with their preparation manner, with hygiene.

“In this respect, hand-washing before using some foods such as meat, eggs, cheese, is extremely important. Equally important is how we prepare the food, I am referring to the modality of boiling the beef meat, but also the poultry meat, which must be boiled for a long time, three-four hours, at least, and then be prepared as soup or puree. We must be as careful with the way we prepare milk, which must be prepared with bottled water. Fruit and vegetables must be very carefully washed, with the water changed several times,” the doctor showed.

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