Two international experts to help in children with haemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS) case

Health Minister Patriciu Achimas-Cadariu announced on Thursday, at the National Public Health Institute’s press conference, that two European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) specialists that will lend a hand in the investigation of the case in which Arges County children were diagnosed with the haemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS) will arrive in Bucharest.
“It is about the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, an absolutely standard mechanism which we used when we found ourselves in this absolutely specific and recurrent situation. (…) It is not uncommon to appeal to those specialists now; we did it exactly when we had to. We haven’t jump into the water too soon, we haven’t postponed the decision either. We did it exactly at the end of our investigation, when we’ve learned of this situation,” the minister explained on Wednesday.

He said that he keeps Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos posted all the time on the situation of the babies diagnosed with HUS.

Dr. Mihaela Balgradean, head of ‘Marie Curie’ Hospital’s nephrology ward stated on Thursday that “seven children are hospitalized, four of them within the nephrology ward, two are still on peritoneal dialysis, this is the main treatment.”

“The other two have been taken off this treatment after several days. We continue to evaluate the renal function. The fewer the days of peritoneal dialysis treatment that they need the higher the possibility of fully recovering the renal function after such a catastrophic illness,” Dr. Mihaela Balgradean stated for Mediafax.

As more and more relatives of the children diagnosed with HUS announced they plan to form an association and sue the state, PSD MP Sonia Draghici, member of the Health and Family Commission, stated on Thursday that PSD could file a simple motion on health topics, because of the way the Health Ministry is handling the HUS case.

“We are thinking about the usefulness of a simple motion concerning the way the Health Ministry managed the situation. I have talked with several colleagues, I have talked with Mr. Dragnea too, the decision will be taken by the party leadership at central level,” the MP stated at a press conference.

Dr. Sonia Draghici, specialist in infectious diseases, pointed out that the Health Ministry’s explanations on Wednesday were “insufficient and not satisfying given the gravity of the situation.”

“The Health Minister and the ministry he leads did not realize the seriousness of the epidemiological situation, the epidemiological alert that Romania should be under and the correct communication with the families, the population, the specialists and even the Health Commission I am member of. It seems to be proof of weakness, of lack of professionalism, of the lack of managerial abilities. The information-monitoring system has major deficiencies. Cases of this kind have appeared since January,” Sonia Draghici pointed out.

The lawmaker warned that these might not be the only cases, since that area in Arges County could have a source of contamination from animals, especially cattle, which are the hosts of the bacteria that can cause HUS.

Three children diagnosed with haemolytic uremic syndrome have died so far of at the Marie Curie Hospital of Bucharest; eight are still under treatment there, three of whom in the intensive care ward.

On Thursday, nine children were still hospitalized at the Marie Curie Hospital.

At the same time, 42 children are hospitalized with digestive infections in Arges County hospitals, while two confirmed rotavirus cases were transferred to Bucharest.

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