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May 15, 2021

Romanian court rejects extradition to U.S. of ‘Guccifer’, hacker of Colin Powell’s emails

The Timisoara Court of Appeal rejected on Friday the request of U.S. authorities for the extradition of Marcel Lazar Lehel, a.k.a Guccifer, the hacker who infiltrated the electronic correspondence and disclosed private emails of several American personalities, of whom Colin Powell was the most publicized case.

In the court’s brief resolution, the magistrates mention several legal paragraphs, including some of the Extradition Treaty between Romania and the United States signed in Bucharest on 10 September 2007.

The decision can be appealed within 5 days.

The defendant, who serves a 7-year term in the Arad Penitentiary, was not present at the court session on Friday. He was deemed liable for all the legal costs.

The FBI has formally requested Guccifer’s extradition to be heard in a U.S. court.

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