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March 17, 2023

HealthMin Achimas-Cadariu: All Marie Curie infant patients with haemolytic-uremic syndrome, in better shape

All the infant patients with the haemolytic-uremic syndrome at the Marie Curie Hospitals in Bucharest are in a better shape now, and just one is still at the intensive care unit, Heath Minister Patriciu Achimas-Cadariu said Sunday.

“Fortunately, there is good news. Diuresis started in the case of two of them, better than in the previous days. All are in better shape now, with just one infant at intensive care. We are concentrating on him and all others; visibly, they are in a better shape than they were yesterday,” the minister said at the hospital.

Head of the Nephrology Department Mihaela Balgradean said two of the infants could be discharged next week. “There are two infants that today’s medical team examined and whose evolution is excellent,” she added.

She mentioned that seven infants are still in hospital, six of them at the nephrology ward. “Three are undergoing peritoneal dialysis and their outlook is good, while three have been taken out of peritoneal dialysis because they no longer need such therapy,” said Balgradean.

She explained that two stages are important in the development of acute kidney failure as a result of the haemolytic-uremic syndrome: the start of diuresis and the moment when oral feeding can be resumed.

The doctor said the fact that all six infants can be fed orally is highly important, because an empty gastrointestinal tract accentuates the effort of the kidney to work properly. “When the kidney is subjected to a surplus of energy from food, the other organs work perfectly as well,” she said.

Achimas-Cadariu reiterated the importance of hospital managers being made accountable so that infection outbreaks may be reported as soon as possible, including by amending the legislation in place.

“The situation is different according to whether or not the hospitals are directly run by the ministry or are decentralised; even at the decentralised hospitals we intend to get a closer communication with the county councils and mayoralties in order to regulate these things in the best possible manner (…) Everybody should realise that failure to report can cost lives,” he said.

The minister mentioned that no new cases of haemolytic-uremic syndrome were reported, and that specialists of the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control continue their investigation, with the results of their enquiry to be unveiled when the experts so decide.

“According to statistics with most of the centre that treat this pathology, there are between four to 12 such cases breaking out nationwide,” added the minister.

He also reiterated the importance of fruit and vegetables being washed before consumption and heat treatment of food being thorough, adding that some germs are air-borne.

Balgradean warned that the warm weather generally rekindles various viral respiratory and digestive infections.

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