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August 3, 2021

Romanians’ maturity examination

Last summer, ANAF started raids that mainly targeted the small and medium-sized enterprises sector. I believe we all recall the ANAF units that showed up at restaurants, stores and markets looking for fiscal receipts. Just as we recall the abuses committed against persons that actively contributed and are contributing to the GDP.

Just as I am sure you have not forgotten the elderly ladies harshly and unjustly penalized by the same ANAF because they did not issue fiscal receipts for the nettles or parsley they had picked up in their courtyards.

Several days ago, a new political crisis was generated because a Romanian press entity felt threatened by the implementation of legal procedures that should be respected identically and equally by any entity in this country. Whether individual or corporate.

From here, from the mentality of using the law with any convenient measure, Romania and Romanians found themselves dragged into a conflict that, despite not being theirs, has direct repercussions on them by consolidating and deepening the social scission and by the political implications that run up to the highest level.

Personally, as a Romanian citizen that respects the country’s laws and naively considers them the same for all, I feel profoundly discriminated. And I do not believe I am the only one.
Discriminated because it continues to be understood that the rights of someone that is falsely using the right to freedom of expression principles and that should represent us all correctly and impartially as any part of the press claims and has the duty to be doing, are above the law and above me, you, us.

Discriminated and profoundly offended by yet another artificially created scandal directed by the political for the propping-up of the same political.

And since (I hope and believe!) we have all understood the real stake behind the Antena televisions, I would start precisely from this actuality, aiming at seeing what could be the result of this thread of scandals and moves that are appearing with an ever growing intensity lately, becoming, in the absence of something else, a modus vivendi of the elections campaign in the Romania of 2016.

As such, we have scandals and social instigations instead of slogans and real political platforms; sneaking behind them are the same candidates of the eternal parties that find themselves in the most profound crisis of credibility and innovation.

We have draft laws that are not only aberrant but also dangerous for us. We have statements and stances on the part of political leaders who seem to no longer impose any limit on themselves when it comes to exhibiting a barefaced behaviour opposite to what our world, the world of normal people, is asking for and needs.

Moreover, apparently, we have an immense and insurmountable storm in a political glass of water, at the end of which what we believed or knew for certain would happen at the end of this year will no longer be the same.

No rational and socially and politically mature person can accept what is being presented. Just as they cannot accept that a spectacle created so that nobody would understand anything anymore, and in which people are agitated based on more or less hilarious screenplays featuring politicians cast in various roles, could be to their benefit.

Well, all this meaninglessness and revue shows are generating socio-political conflicts and, moreover, but just as seriously, are supposed to represent our causes and choices in a year of elections that people forgot about, being caught up in debating, arguing and marching in the street for… what?

The truth is that, apart from anything sought to be presented as complicated, mysterious and convoluted as possible in a political world that works based on the single worn-out principle of “divide et impera,” the calculations are extremely simple and aim at only one thing:

Winning and holding on to power so that, in the end, the dissatisfied, saturated, indifferent and even hostile citizen would convince himself that he was wrong in his opinions and would admit, as usual, that you were right. Reason for which you to deserve another victory lap.

Based on personal experience but not only that, I can say that in politics two things can generate the biggest suspicions, and when they appear you can be certain something is in store and not necessarily to our good: when political factions argue too loudly or when they have far too harmonious opinions.

Both cases characterise the current situation, which can be called only one thing: electoral political diversion.

That is what the topic that seized all attention and all energy last week, just like the other smaller or bigger cavils, market probing and deliberate exaggerations – the likes of one-round or two-round mayoral elections, defamation or no defamation -, boils down to.

And anything we were to say or analyze beyond that on these and other similar topics, as obvious as they can be about their purpose, would only serve to maintain the illusion and to make us the ones who shut themselves inside the cycle from which we desperately want, at least declaratively, to break out forever.

Finally, and what matters: I would like to ask you to think how would you react (if at all) when, as part of a general consensus, at the end of a whole month of skirmishing and broadsides, politicians were to announce – obviously for the greater good, not to say at the explicit demand of the people, for the national interest and the defence of freedom of expression and other certainly democratic rights – that this year’s elections were to become either one round of elections or more than two rounds of elections, including elections for a new Government and maybe a new President. (?)

Some twenty-odd years ago, when the so-called new democratic Romania was formed, we failed the national maturity examination, as we ourselves saw and felt for so many years.

This year, the moment has come to take this examination again, as a foreshadowed chance offered by fate or simply won (does not matter how and why). What is important, and the true thing we should all focus on, is for us not to fail this examination again.

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