PM Ciolos: Writing off public television broadcaster’s debts impossible now

The government considers that solutions in the very short term are needed to address the issues of the National Television Broadcasting Corporation (SRTv), Premier Dacian Ciolos said on Tuesday at the debate on the financial situation of the corporation. Ciolos pointed out that writing off the corporation’s debt via a financial support from the state budget is currently impossible.

“As far as the government is concerned, on the one hand we see the need for short-term and extremely short term solutions to stop (…) the public broadcaster’s spiralling into debt. SRTv continues to pile up debts without being able to start a process of restructuring and relaunch its activity and performance. We should see what your suggestions are for short- and very short-term measures, that is for the next weeks, because I understand that unless some measures to address the situation are reached, the corporation is at risk of entering default by March. Towards the end of March you will also have to appoint a new Board of Directors which should also have a well-defined mandate,” Premier Ciolos said at Parliament House.

He added that medium to long-term measures will require certain legislative changes.

The Premier also pointed out that writing off the corporation’s debts through a financial support from the state budget is legally not possible because it would be considered state aid.

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