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September 18, 2019

Protests at Hunedoara Energy Holding, Energy Minister Victor Grigorescu urges “work and seriousness”

Protest movements are growing at the Hunedoara Energy Holding. After miners stopped working at the Lonea mine and at other units, some of them remaining underground, yesterday over 200 employees of the Mintia fossil fuel power plant, part of the same Holding, took part in a spontaneous protest.

Protesters demanded the retirement of those entitled to retirement, but also the separation of the mining and electricity production activities, being of the opinion that the coal mining activity is generating very high costs for the company.

For the time being there is no political solution for the critical situation at the Hunedoara Energy Holding, and the company’s only salvation is work and seriousness, Energy Minister Victor Grigorescu stated on Tuesday. He reminded that not a single ton of coal was imported this winter. “We have proved that we can do it on our own, after in previous years we imported several hundred tons of coal. All the financial resources, all the money we had went to the Romanian mines. Together, we have overcome all the difficulties that seemed unsolvable at the start of winter,” Grigorescu stated.

The minister pointed out that he took the commitment to pay the salaries, to maintain the production level and to boost the company’s revenues.

“The only solution that can save the Holding from disappearing is work and seriousness. Anyone telling you there is another way is lying. Any other path is the path toward the Holding’s bankruptcy, which will pull down with it the whole Jiu Valley. I have no political interest, I don’t want to be part of any hidden game. Those who are talking about the shutting down of Romanian mining do so with ill will. Romanian coal already has its place in our energy security,” Grigorescu added.

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