Bucharest’s first cultural consumption survey reveals worrying conclusion: 2 in 10 Bucharesters did not attend any cultural event in the last year

The first cultural consumption survey in Bucharest, conducted by the National Institute for Cultural Research and Development (INCFC) and ordered by the Bucharest Municipality’s Cultural Centre (ARCUB) in order to draft the Bucharest Cultural Strategy, reveals that 2 in 10 Bucharesters did not attend any cultural event in the last year.

Likewise, the survey presented on Tuesday at the ARCUB headquarters also shows that 2 in 10 Bucharesters state that they attend cultural events more than 3 times per month.

At the same time, more than a quarter of the population (26.9 per cent) watch television for an average of 2 hours per day, and 24.7 per cent 1 hour per day. A bigger difference appears between those who watch television 3-4 hours per day: from 19 per cent during weekdays to 28.9 per cent during the weekend.

In what concerns cultural consumption in the public space, Bucharesters prefer going to the movies, attending events occasioned by local holidays or going to the theatre. Almost half of Bucharesters (46 per cent in the case of moviegoers and 45 per cent in the case of the other two categories) state they attended such a cultural event at least once in the last year. On the other hand, only 10.7 per cent of Bucharesters state that they went to the Philharmonic, 12.9 per cent to the Opera House and only 15.5 per cent went to public libraries.

Going to the movies at least once or twice per year or more frequent than that was the most widespread form of cultural consumption in Bucharest in 2015.

In what concerns other recreational activities, 80.9 per cent of Bucharesters went to parks at least once per month, 64.3 per cent went to the shopping mall at least once per month, and 59 per cent went to church at least once per month.

The list of Bucharesters’ hobbies is topped by dancing (35.1 per cent), photographing (21.1 per cent) and writing (poetry, prose, diaries – 18.1 per cent).

The survey was conducted in the summer of 2015, on a representative sample of 1,068 respondents at least 14 years of age.

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