Chamber approves DNA request to arrest MP Paun

The Lower Chamber’s plenum approved on Wednesday the National Anti-Corruption Directorate (DNA) request for the arrest of lawmaker Nicolae Paun. There were 165 votes in favour, 86 against, and 261 MPs present.

Prosecutors with the DNA have ordered an extension of the criminal investigation of MP Nicolae Paun, who is also national leader of the Pro Europe Roma Party Association, for two more offences, including tax evasion.

Paun is now investigated for continual tax evasion and the use in ill faith of assets and credit for an association for a purpose running contrary to its interests or for his own use or to favour a company in which he has direct or indirect interests also in s continual manner, DNA reports in a press statement released on Monday.

DNA also extended the prosecution to include commercial company Niky Scorpion Alcom SRL, controlled byPaun, for tax evasion and money laundering, both in a repeated manner.

In building their case, DNA had specialist support from the Romanian Intelligence Service, the Anti-Fraud Fight Office and the Directorate General Against Tax Evasion.

Nicolae Paun was already being investigated for using or producing in bad faith false, inexact or incomplete statements and documents that allegedly led to misappropriation of European funds; changing the use of European funds in breach of the law, money embezzlement, conducting financial activity as trade deeds incompatible with the office held or conducting financial transactions to procure for self or others ill-gotten gains, influence buying, unduly influencing witnesses, all in a repeated form.

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