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April 14, 2021

PNL’s Orban: I want to win City Hall with over 40 pc. Basescu, best Bucharest Mayor

Ludovic Orban, the National Liberal Party’s (PNL) candidate for the Bucharest City Hall, stated on Tuesday that his goal is to win the elections with a score of over 40 per cent, stating that he is less interested in who the PSD contender is, his mission being to convince all right-wing voters that he is the best candidate.

“My goal is to win the Bucharest City Hall with a score of over 40 per cent,” Ludovic Orban, PNL’s candidate for the Bucharest City Hall, stated on Realitatea TV. “I know Bucharest in detail, for me Bucharest is not an abstract thing, I really do know almost all of its neighbourhoods, if you were to take me blindfolded somewhere I would only need a few moments to adapt,” the Liberal stated, adding that Bucharest has to be “liberated,” not conquered.

Orban stated that the situation Bucharest finds itself in is “critical,” its main problems consisting of infrastructure, traffic, pollution and the poor quality of services.

“Bucharest was dominated by amateurism, slacking, overzealousness, because it was not led, there was no will and no iron fist to move the projects forward,” the PNL candidate said.

In what concerns the confrontation with PSD, Ludovic Orban stated that the Social Democrats can be defeated only if “all right-wing voters or an overwhelming majority of them mobilize in order to back the best-positioned candidate.”

Asked whether PSD Senator Gabriela Firea is a strong contender in the race for the Bucharest City Hall, Ludovic Orban made no comments, stating that he will let her know face-to-face what he has to say and that he is less interested in who the PSD candidate is.

“She is not present here, if she is going to be the PSD candidate we will probably have debates and I will tell her, face-to-face, all I have to tell her. I am less interested in the PSD contender. The PSD contender, whoever he may be, will benefit from the support of PSD’s well-disciplined electorate who are voting for PSD regardless of who he is. The important thing for me is to turn to the non-PSD electorate and convince them that I am the most suitable candidate and the only one that can win,” Ludovic Orban said.

He commented on the allegation that if Gabriela Firea defeats him he will be “finished,” stating that he “dies hard” and will win the race for the City Hall.

“In what concerns the fight with PSD, I believe I am one of the most experienced fighters. Please recall the presidential campaign alone, especially the run-off when few were those who still had the courage to fight against Victor Ponta and his system,” Orban added.



Traian Basescu, best mayor that Bucharest had



PNL candidate Ludovic Orban stated on Tuesday that former President Traian Basescu is the best mayor that Bucharest had, stating however that in the current context he has no chance to win the Bucharest City Hall, his potential bid favouring PSD instead.

“I don’t know if he (Traian Basescu – editor’s note) will enter (the electoral competition – editor’s note). To run for the capital’s city hall as a former president, knowing that you have absolutely no chance, seems to me completely below the dignity of the position he held. It would only show that behind such a desperate candidacy there is a calculus that only favours PSD,” Ludovic Orban stated on Realitatea TV when asked for his opinion on Traian Basescu’s possible bid for the Bucharest City Hall.

Nevertheless, Ludovic Orban stated that Traian Basescu is the best mayor that Bucharest had, adding that during his tenure he tried “to implement a coherent programme.”

“In my opinion Traian Basescu was the only one who tried to implement a coherent programme. I am telling you honestly, I am not talking about Traian Basescu as President of Romania. As a man that tried to implement a somewhat coherent programme,” Orban said when asked who the best Bucharest Mayor was in the last 26 years in his opinion.


I called the president. I feel the need to have a talk, but I’m not going there to ask for his support



Ludovic Orban stated on Tuesday that he called President Klaus Iohannis after he was nominated PNL’s candidate for the Bucharest City Hall, pointing out however that he will not ask for the President’s support because Bucharesters have to decide on their own who will be Bucharest’s mayor.

“I called him after the decision to nominate me as candidate. I feel the need to have a talk with the President and I will. (…) I am not going to see Klaus Iohannis in order to ask for his support, he is the President of Romania, he is involved in an extremely important project for Romania, I believe Bucharesters should decide themselves who will be Bucharest’s mayor,” Ludovic Orban stated on Realitatea TV.

At the end of last year, President Klaus Iohannis was seen alongside Cristian Busoi, even before PNL Bucharest nominated the latter as the party’s candidate for the Bucharest City Hall.



Sorin Oprescu considers himself best candidate for Bucharest City Hall



Sorin Oprescu wants to win another mayoral term. The former Bucharest Mayor confessed for Romania TV that he would run for another term in office if it were not for a legal restriction in this sense.

Asked whom he thinks the best candidate for the office is, Sorin Oprescu nominated himself.

“I have no idea. I would see myself as such, but considering there is that restriction, that’s that,” Sorin Oprescu stated while leaving a police precinct.

Referring to the new candidacies announced for the Bucharest City Hall, Sorin Oprescu said: “The new candidates? Who are the new ones? Ms. Gabriela Firea is a lady that has politically matured these years more than anyone had expected; Ludovic Orban is the left wing’s eternal contender.”

In what concerns Vanghelie’s bid for the District 5 Mayoralty, Oprescu pointed out that “he will sit on a hedgehog, but it’s his decision, his life.”

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