PSD’s Dragnea backtracks on no-confidence vote on Intact Group topic

Social Democrat Party (PSD) President Liviu Dragnea (photo) stated on Tuesday that the Social Democrats are not taking into account the filing of a no-confidence motion, so as to avoid generating “a government crisis in Romania,” labelling his earlier threats to do so as “caused by the general emotion” seen in the Intact Group case.

Liviu Dragnea has backtracked on the no-confidence vote on the Intact Group topic. Asked whether he maintains his position, he stated he does not agree associating with “any attack against state institutions in this case.”

“My statements last week were statements generated by the general emotion, statements I do not take back. On the other hand, I have noticed that unfortunately in recent days my statements have been taken out of context; likewise, I disagree with associating myself with any attack against state institutions in this case. My statements were generated by my desire to defend, with all my power, for anyone and at any time, freedom of expression and the freedom of the press,” the PSD leader stated.

He criticised PSD Senator Serban Nicolae who had brought a draft no-confidence vote motion to the PSD Senators’ meeting on Monday.

“Mr. Serban Nicolae can file a no-confidence motion on his behalf. PSD has not taken a decision in this sense. The style in which everyone wants to become a star by playing around with such an intention is no longer tolerated within PSD. The no-confidence vote is indeed an act of significant power. PSD is not filing a no-confidence motion for PR purposes. PSD would actually have the power, along with its allies, to topple the Government. From our point of view, we haven’t reached the situation in which we should generate a government crisis in Romania, especially since this is an elections year. (…) We are not considering filing a no-confidence motion now,” Liviu Dragnea said.

When asked whether PSD is truly in the opposition, he said that this is “a peculiar situation” but “we are certainly not in government.”

Liviu Dragnea had threatened the Ciolos Government with a no-confidence vote on two occasions. First, on Antena 3, after ANAF raided the headquarters of the Intact Group television stations. “If the Romanian Government is muzzling the press, it abolishes it, then this Government can no longer stay because it is becoming extremely dangerous for our freedom,” the PSD President stated back then.

Likewise, last week the Social Democrat asked Premier Dacian Ciolos to carry out a government reshuffle, threatening to file a no-confidence motion if that did not happen.




About Marian Neacsu case: He will no longer be PSD’s candidate in the local or parliamentary elections



On Tuesday, Dragnea also stated, referring to the case of PSD MP Marian Neacsu, who has been sentenced to 6 months in jail (suspended sentence), that PSD’s integrity code will be enforced and Neacsu will no longer be able to run in this year’s elections.

“Whether we like it or not, the integrity code applies to all party members, in what concerns both the local and parliamentary elections, and it will apply in Mr. Marian Neacsu’s case too. (…) If the code is applied in someone’s case it means they are not meeting its conditions and if they don’t then they won’t run,” Liviu Dragnea stated at the end of PSD’s National Standing Bureau meeting.

Asked whether Marian Neacsu will remain the coordinator of PSD’s election campaign, Dragnea said that a decision will be taken in the upcoming period.

“This sentence was issued today. We will discuss this in the upcoming period within the National Standing Bureau, maybe within the Executive Committee too. This is an internal decision,” Dragnea explained.

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