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June 28, 2022

US Ambassador Klemm: Corruption is poison to democracy, fight against this scourge is vital for Romania’s future

To any democracy, corruption is ‘a poison’ and the fight against this scourge is ‘vital to Romania’s future’, said US Ambassador to Romania Hans Klemm, on Thursday, at a meeting with the students in the northwestern city of Cluj-Napoca.

“Corruption is a poison to any democracy and be it in the USA or in Romania it must be eliminated at all public life levels. It is a huge challenge and I congratulate Romania for what it has done and for fighting dearly against corruption, it is a never ending fight and it should be supported. This is not a battle only of Romania, your neighbours too are facing serious challenge, for instance Ukraine, the Republic of Moldova, and even the United States of America has a problem with corruption, considering that there were cases of former governors and senators investigated or even presidents who have stepped down because of corruption”, Hans Klemm said, according to Agerpres.

He added that he was witness to some important events in Romania, after the tragedy at the Bucharest Colectiv club, when the Romanians united against corruption.

He said that he hopes those people who have taken to the streets will vote responsible leaders in this year’s elections.

He was asked by the students how could the US support Romania in its fight against corruption.

Klemm answered that the US has representatives of several bodies, such as the FBI, the Justice Department, and yet we talk of 10 persons at the most, direct resources they could offer in this partnership are limited. But the US is working in cases related to counter-terrorism, organized crime, drug or human trafficking and when we can and are asked to, added Klemm, we offer assistance to the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) and to other law enforcement bodies. (…) Fight against corruption is important and vital to Romania’s future, the US Ambassador said.

Hans Klemm is visiting Thursday and Friday the Cluj-Napoca Babes-Bolyai University. He addressed a lecture at the Faculty of Political, Administrative and of Communication Sciences, named ‘Reflections on Presidents’ Day’, also attended by the Education Minister, Adrian Curaj.



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