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March 6, 2021

PSD’s Zgonea says viable solutions for CEH needed; job loss, unacceptable

Social Democratic Party (PSD) Executive Chairman Valeriu Zgonea said on Saturday in Deva that the Government must find a viable solution for the Hunedoara Energy Complex (CEH), in the circumstances in which the Social Democrats do not agree with the idea of people losing their jobs.


He showed that the PSD proved in three and a half years that a macroeconomic model can be created taking into account social aspects, too, saying that in drawing up some solutions for big production units, such as CEH, the fate of jobs must also be taken into account.


“A viable solution for CEH must be found now. We are starting from the social problem generated both on the horizontal and on the vertical: how many jobs do we lose? How is the County’s budget affected? What do we do with these people? Do we have an alternative?,” the PSD Executive Chairman said, according to Agerpres.


In his opinion, there are solutions for CEH, and the Romanian state will have to also be able to explain them to the European Commission.


Valeriu Zgonea also said that the PSD is open, through its specialists, to provide and assess the possible solutions for CEH, but it does not agree with the idea of job loss.


“Our concern is with the people, the jobs. This was the commitment in 2012, and it is the same in 2016. If you are not capable to generate jobs, then at least do not cut them off, because then we go back to the Boc governing. The job loss means great economic imbalance, with great problems for the Romanian state and the local communities. The jobs we have must be kept and solutions must be sought for them,” Zgonea concluded.


CEH entered an insolvency procedure in early January 2016, because of the over 1.2 billion lei debts. The Complex has about 6,300 employees, working at the pit coal mines Lonea, Lupeni, Livezeni and Vulcan, as well as in the thermal power plants Mintia and Paroseni.

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