Children with haemolytic uremic syndrome: Baby boy discharged from hospital but baby from Mioveni in critical condition

On Monday morning, Health Minister Patriciu Achimas Cadariu met doctors from the nephrology and intensive care wards of the ‘Marie Curie’ Children’s Emergency Hospital in Bucharest, discussing with them the health condition of the babies hospitalized and the treatment administered.

“I have attended a meeting of all specialists involved in treating the babies, in particular the little one from Mioveni. I also once again talked with the babies’ parents. Discharges will be announced today too. We continue to fight,” Minister Achimas Cadariu stated. Doctors informed the Health Minister that six babies with haemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS) are still hospitalized in Bucharest. Of the six, the baby from Mioveni is in a critical but stable condition. In his case, doctors have a reserved prognosis, neuriologic complications being far from over.

The Health Minister also stated that he is waiting for the results of the ongoing investigations and of the ANSVSA (Sanitary Veterinary and Food Safety Authority) controls. Health Ministry specialists are offering ANSVSA representatives full support in order to identify the origin of the HUS outbreak.

The Health Ministry has also finalized the set of measures and recommendations concerning hygiene, behaviour and sanitary education norms, forwarding them to the Health Ministry and waiting for them to be popularized in educational establishments with the help of school inspectorates. In the last 24 hours, three cases of non-HUS severe diarrheic cases were reported at national level, according to the National Public Health Institute.

Mihaela Balgradean, head of ‘Marie Curie’ Hospital’s nephrology ward, stated on Monday that the health of hospitalized babies was improving.

“At this moment we still have six HUS patients. Five of them are in the nephrology ward, one of whom will be discharged, and one is in the intensive care ward. Of the four that will remain within the nephrology ward, three are on peritoneal dialysis and the fourth will probably be discharged tomorrow. Patients hospitalized earlier are doing well and very well, the ones hospitalized recently are doing less well. I am stressing the situation of the patient in the intensive care ward,” Mihaela Balgradea explained.

According to her, no baby with confirmed HUS has been hospitalized since February 24.

“In the country the parents are scared, of course any diarrheic disease that becomes severe and is accompanied by vomiting and blood in stools is frightening in this context, because we said that that is how the disease starts. In these conditions, they seek help from family doctors, polyclinics, hospitals, they come directly to us. We are in a situation we have to handle. We have prepared special rooms to receive these children. We have tried to make room in other parts of the hospital, to receive them based on severity levels there. We are capable to control this situation,” Balgradean assured.

While their children are hospitalized, parents want to hold accountable those responsible. They are talking about suing the doctors in Pitesti, who, they say, were late in administering the necessary treatment. The first to do so will be the father of the baby discharged on Monday, B1TV informs.

“They didn’t do their job at all, I’m telling you. Go there and see how they are treating parents, children, everyone, they are treating them as if they’re animals,” Bobi Madan, the father of one of the babies, stated.

“I have no words. It was a nightmare. We are praying each day for everything to be all right and God has helped us and everything is all right. We are finally going home, after a little over three weeks. We are very happy, the baby is fine, we thank the Marie Curie doctors,” the baby’s father added.


E-coli bacteria found in dairy products


A batch of fresh cottage cheese produced by the Lactate Bradet company from Curtea de Arges has E-coli bacteria, Agriculture Minister Achim Irimescu stated on Monday for Agerpres.

Authorities have ordered the company to stop its activity.

“Following laboratory tests, veterinary inspectors found E-coli in the samples of cheese from Lactate Bradet from Curtea de Arges, which also sells traditional products. We are talking about a quantity of 20 kilograms of fresh cottage cheese. Likewise, in Bacau County inspectors found in a fridge poultry from a family farm,” Irimescu explained.

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