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May 7, 2021

FM Lazar Comanescu visits Tehran to relaunch bilateral cooperation: Romania, Iran eager to bolster bilateral ties

While on an official visit to Tehran, Minister of Foreign Affairs Lazar Comanescu stressed  Tuesday  during the meeting with President Hassan Rouhani that Iran is an important partner to Romania;  both on a bilateral level, through the economic and human potential of the two countries,but also on a regional level, through the strategic positions held by the two states in the geographic areas which they belong to and through the contribution each can bring to solving the regional problems (Syria, Yemen, Iraq, the fight against Daesh) and the combat of terrorism threats.

According to a release of  the Foreign Affairs Ministry (MAE), Minister Lazar Comanescu hailed on this occasion the policy of openness and revival of cooperation with the international community promoted by the Rouhani Administration, which led to the resumption of the political contacts between the foreign affairs ministries on bilateral, regional and global common interest matters.

“The Romanian dignitary voiced his conviction that signing the nuclear agreements with Iran and the debut of the process of lifting the international sanctions will have a particularly positive impact on relaunching the Romanian-Iranian relations on all levels,” the release reads.

According to the cited source, the two dignitaries appreciated that the two countries have the necessary potential and opportunities to give a new dimension both to the economic relations and to the cultural-scientific contacts, as well as in other common interest areas, such as education, cooperation within international organisations.

During the meeting the two officials also highlighted the opportunities emerging from Romania’s status as European Union member state in the development of the bilateral cooperation.

Foreign Affairs Ministry release shows that the two dignitaries underscored the importance of the bilateral cooperation on an academic and business communities’ level, with a particular emphasis on the industrial, energy, petrochemical, oil and gas, agriculture, transport, education, IT&C and research and development areas.


Bucharest , Tehran determined to bolster ties in all fields


Iranian President Hassan Rouhani urged the opening of a new chapter in enhanced relations with Romania in all sectors in the shortest possible time.

“Tehran and Bucharest should open a new chapter in the strengthening of relations and political, economic, cultural and regional cooperation,” Rouhani said in a meeting with Romania’s Foreign Minister Lazar Comanescu in Tehran on Tuesday.

He added that the two countries should make further efforts to increase the level of cooperation and economic exchanges given their potentialities in different economic sectors including energy and industries.

Underlining the need to activate both countries’ private sectors to develop and deepen Tehran-Bucharest economic cooperation, President Rouhani pointed to the opportunities to foster mutual cooperation between public, as well as private sectors of both countries.

He also referred to Iran’s unique geographical position and the connection of Iran’s railways to the Republic of Azerbaijan, saying the Islamic Republic of Iran pays a lot of attention to development of rail corridors and Romania can play an important role in economic ties between the two sides of the corridor.

“Universities and research centres of the two countries can develop their level of cooperation by starting joint projects,” continued Rouhani, according to mehrnews.com.

On the scourge of terrorism in the region and the likelihood of spreading to other parts of the world Dr Rouhani said, “Terrorism is a global issue confronting of which needs cooperation in the whole world in cultural and political fields, as well as intelligence and security”.

Foreign Minister Lazar Comanescu, for his part, ensured Bucharest is determined to develop ties with Tehran in all fields regarding political, economic, cultural, and scientific areas.

“A big Romanian economic delegation traveling to Iran indicates the importance we attach to developing and fostering bilateral relations with Iran,” said Comanescu as the head of a high-ranking economic delegation of Romania.

Describing Bucharest as an ally of Iran in the EU, he added that Iranian public and private sectors can consider Romania as a gate for exporting their products to Europe.

He also expressed Romania’s willingness to develop ties with Iran in cultural fields, especially universities and research centres.

On the issue of terrorism, Comanescu noted Romania and EU view Iran’s role in the region as important and effective and are willing to discuss regional issues with Tehran to positively affect stability in the region.

He added that Romania and the European Union are aware of Iran’s very important and influential role in the region.

Bucharest is keen to exchange views with Tehran on ongoing developments in the Middle East, he said and added that bilateral cooperation can be instrumental in regional stability and anti-terror fight.


Zarif: Iran-Romania Economic Commission to convene after 12 years


Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said Tuesday that the Romanian minister’s visit will open new chapter in bilateral relations.

He announced that the joint economic commission of Iran and Romania will hold a meeting in Bucharest after a 12-year hiatus.

Speaking at a joint press conference with his Romanian counterpart Lazar Comanescu in Tehran, Zarif said the upcoming meeting of the commission will formulate a roadmap for economic cooperation between the two countries.

According to tasnimnews.com, he also noted that political leaders of Iran and Romania are resolved to expand relations with the termination of anti-Iran sanctions.

Zarif underlined  that the two countries have also agreed to hold regular consultation meetings at the level of ministers or deputies.

He further pointed to Iran’s access to Europe via the Black Sea, cooperation in energy, banking, auto industry, agriculture and tourism as the topics discussed in his meeting with Comanescu prior to the press conference.

The Romanian diplomat, for his part, hailed the positive steps taken to strengthen economic ties between Tehran and Bucharest.

He described Iran-Black Sea-Europe corridor as a major route for access to Europe’s market, calling on Iranian companies to take this opportunity to develop cooperation with European firms.

Heading a high-ranking politico-economic delegation, Comanescu arrived in Tehran on Monday for a three-day visit to hold talks with Iranian officials on ways to expand relations.

Comanescu attended Tuesday the opening of Romanian- Iranian Business Forum organized by the Chamber of Commerce , Industry , Mines and Agriculture of the Islamic Republic of Iran, on which occasion the Romanian businessmen who accompany the official delegation have interacted with Iranian counterparts , who are interested in developing joint projects.

The Romanian Foreign Minister’s visit to Tehran comes in a series of visits by world leaders to Tehran after the coming into force of a nuclear agreement, dubbed the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), which was reached between Iran and the P5+1 group of countries (Russia, China, the US, Britain, France and Germany) in July 2015.

The agreement, which came into force on January 16, has terminated all nuclear-related sanctions on Iran, reopened the doors of foreign investment to the country’s market, and prepared the ground for a much-anticipated economic boom.


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