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January 17, 2022

OvidiuRo and Dedeman build kindergarten in poor community

The OvidiuRo Association and Dedeman, major investor in the Every Child in Kindergarten (FCG) programme, are continuing their partnership in order to ensure poor children’s access to early education by building a kindergarten in the Araci village, Covasna County, where 150 children are learning in an old and small building with no water and indoor flush toilets. The new kindergarten will be completed by September 2016 so that the children could start the new school year there. The initiative seeks to solve a local problem but also to start a debate that would lift the standards and good practices in the design of educational spaces for pre-school children.

In Araci, OvidiuRo and local authorities have been partners in the FCG programme since September 2010. A door-to-door recruiting campaign resulted in the enrolment of over 90 per cent of the children that are part of the 4-6 age group, an overwhelming number for the modest space available. Three-year-old children cannot be enrolled because of the limited space available.

“It is essential to bring poor children to kindergarten, however, to a similar extent, we are preoccupied with the conditions children are learning in and with what they are learning, the quality of pre-school education being determinant for their subsequent success in school. The kindergarten in Araci is a first step in this direction, one we can take thanks to the partnership with Dedeman: to intervene where the absence of space or of other minimal facilities keeps children away from kindergarten and from quality education. This partnership is very important especially in the context of the expansion of the FCG programme at national level, through Law no.248/2015,” OvidiuRo Association Co-Founder Maria Gheorghiu stated.

“In order to build a prosperous society that offers equal chances to all, we have to consolidate the starting foundation, namely early education. And to do this it is not enough to try and bring as many children of modest financial means to kindergartens, you also have to offer them a suitable, hygienic environment proper for their development, one that would enhance their creativity, would spark their imagination and would give them pleasure to learn. We have decided to join this project out of the desire to give pre-schoolers in Araci village a kindergarten they would go to with pleasure, would learn and grow up in a healthy and harmonious manner,” Dedeman President Dragos Paval stated.

Dedeman has supported OvidiuRo’s activity ever since the association was established, actively supporting the education and kindergarten enrolment of children from underprivileged families. In 2014, Dedeman became Major Investor in the FCG programme. In 2015, Dedeman donated outdoor and print advertisement space, continuously promoting, through its own channels, the messages of the awareness campaign carried out by the association (“Without education, dreams disappear”).

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