PM Ciolos explains to protester Romania’s decision to receive Arab refugees

In Cluj-Napoca on Friday, Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos explained to a protester in the streets Romania’s decision to welcome Arab refugees.

The protesting man stopped before the National History Museum of Transylvania, where Ciolos and his deputy Vasile Dincu were on a visit, shouting messages like “Shame on you!” and “No to Romania’s Islamisation.”

“Why is Romania risking that since the Romanian people is against Islamisation and the reception of these refugee quotas?,” the protester asked as the two officials arrived at the museum.

Upon leaving the museum, Ciolos stopped to talk to the man, explaining to him that the decision to receive refugees was taken by the Romanian Government jointly with other European Union member states.

“Romania made a decision jointly with other EU member states, from where money comes to Romania, where Romanians can go to work. All these member states made a decision to receive a certain number of emigrants. Romanians have received some tens of them, which has nothing to do with the Constitution,” said Ciolos.

He added that as a member of the European community, Romania has rights as well as obligations.

“Romania is a member of the EU and it has some rights, such as the right to work in other member states, the right to get funds for investment (…) and it also has some obligations. Romania has pledged that along with the other countries. While other countries received tens or hundreds of thousands of emigrants, Romania has pledged to take over some hundreds, of which it has received 10-15. That’s what it is all about,’ Ciolos told the protester in Cluj-Napoca.

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