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May 24, 2022

Ludovic Orban, PNL candidate for Bucharest City Hall: “All underground piping systems are in tatters, works are absolutely necessary”

Ludovic Orban, the candidate that Liberals have nominated for the Bucharest City Hall elections, promises transparency if he wins the elections and says he is independent from mafias, clans, occult networks and the political-economic clientele. The experienced politician stated in an interview for ziare.com that the surprising decision to run for the City Hall was taken “because I am far closer to the profile of mayor that Bucharesters want and I have a higher capacity to mobilize the right-wing electorate around my candidacy.”

The PNL candidate also added that his priorities aim at all levels. “The first concerns laying the necessary groundwork in order to have a plan for developing Bucharest, [a city] which does not have an urban database, does not have an underground piping systems layout plan, does not have properties registered in the land book, does not have a land registry and its general urban plan expired over 10 years ago. Traffic is a major issue. The issue has to be solved like in all great cities: taking transit traffic outside Bucharest and building the ring roads that would allow [drivers] to avoid the city centre. These ring roads have to be organized based on the green light system. My plan features three ring roads. One of them exists, but is not even completed yet because it is full of traffic lights. Enlarging the current Bucharest beltway to four lanes is absolutely necessary,” Orban, who is a former Transport Minister, said.

“Either the Government does this or I will ask for the beltway to be transferred to Bucharest [City Hall] to finalize it. I’m not talking only about adding lanes, but also about building underpasses at every intersection between the beltway and the roads extending from Bucharest. Traffic alternatives are necessary, especially on the north-south axis. All capitals have a traffic management system which means that the way traffic lights operate is dictated by information collected from traffic,” Orban said.

He boasts he will be able to build 250-metre underpasses in 9 months’ time and that he will also tackle the issue of the underground district heating piping system.

“I have bad news for Bucharesters: all underground piping systems, not just those of RADET [the district heating agency], are in tatters and the works are absolutely necessary. In what concerns RADET, centralized systems are the most efficient. But it is clear that the production of heat can no longer be left to the current outdated CETs [district heating power plants] that have low efficiency. Half of the fuel burnt is lost in production. Modern co-generation power plants with efficiency in excess of 80 per cent are needed,” the PNL candidate said.

He stated that he is yet to complete his political platform for Bucharest in detail, but that “everything done will be transparent and posted on the City Hall’s website. There will be no possibility to influence the legal course of procedures at City Hall level and at the level of all public entities subordinated to it.”

“In what concerns me, I have not showed and will not show bias toward any company in procedures that concern public contracts,” Orban added.

Asked what he believes Bucharesters want, Ludovic Orban stated that they want the mayor “to be honest, to have experience in administration, managerial experience, to have been a leader before and to have good solutions for Bucharest’s problems,” and that he matches these job requirements.

“I am a man of profound centre-right, right wing beliefs; I have a vision on building and developing Bucharest and I have the power to convince the Bucharesters who are not voting PNL today, but who have right-wing convictions or do not want Bucharest to fall into the hands of a Social Democrat again, to come to the polls,” Orban said, referring to the Social Democrats, PNL’s main contenders in the elections.

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