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August 15, 2022

Over 3500 dogs, cats, birds and small breed animals came to Romexpo for Bucharest Pet Exhibition

The biggest contest exhibition for pets from Romania – Bucharest Pet Exhibition took place during the weekend at Romexpo and it brought together more than 3.500 dogs, cats, birds and small breed animals.

According to the organizers, Bucharest Pet Exhibition, now at its second edition, targets general animal’s lovers  as well as producers and distributors of products (food, accessories, books, protection equipment, veterinary supplies, cosmetics) and services (medical, animals’ protection, animals’ training), dedicated to our furry or feathered friends.

Pet Exhibition from Romexpo was held on species so that the audience enjoys its favourite quadrupeds and birds.

The Veterinary Association – Bucharest branch, organized on each day of the exhibition, specialized workshops with different themes: equine (horses), cattle, dermatology and orthopedics, credited with CMVRO Points, attended by over 600 veterinarians.

During the Bucharest Pet Exhibition, there were held exhibitions with cats from more or less known breeds.

So, the cat lovers could admire over 90 individuals from seven countries: Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Cyprus, Great Britain, and Germany during the Magnificats 1st Jubilee WCF International Cat Show.  At the event organized as a beauty contest, the main attractions were:  Selkirk Rex (the cat with sheep fur or wavu fur), of which there are just 2 individuals in Romania, Singapura (the smallest cat), Cornish Rex, Don Sphynx (the cat without fur), Persian and Ragdoll (rag doll cat).


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