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June 12, 2021

President Iohannis, state visit to Israel: Romania aims at becoming regional centre for combating anti-Semitism

On a five-day state visit to Israel, President Klaus Iohannis and first lady Carmen Iohannis were received Monday morning by Israeli President Reuven Rivlin at the Beit Hanassi presidential residence.

“Romania nurtures the ambition of becoming a regional centre of education on Holocaust and of combating anti-Semitism”, President Klaus Iohannis declared on Monday in Jerusalem.

“Tomorrow, March 8, Romania takes over the the Chairmanship of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance. This mirrors our strong commitment towards the past, to the commemoration of Holocaust victims and to the fight against anti-Semitism and xenophobia. Romania will address with utmost responsibility this task, for which we will closely collaborate with Israel. Our ambition is to become a regional hub for promoting the education on Holocaust and for fighting anti-Semitism,” Iohannis asserted in a joint press statement with his Israeli counterpart Reuven Rivlin.

The President expressed his optimism about the consolidation of Romania – Israel relations over the coming years.


Israel’s security an axiomatic topic, no compromises accepted


 President Klaus Iohannis stated that ensuring Israel’s security is an axiomatic topic, on which no compromises are accepted.

“We understand ensuring Israel’s security as an axiomatic topic, which can’t be compromised on. On the other hand, combating terrorism is a firm commitment on Romania’s foreign policy agenda. This is why we are members of the anti-Daesh coalition and we are participating in the ‘Stability’ work group. Any type of cooperation with Israel in the fight against terrorism will be a joint contribution to reaching the major goal of bringing peace and welfare in the world,” President Iohannis stated in a joint press statement with his Israeli counterpart Reuven Rivlin.

President Iohannis thanked the Israeli head of state for the warm welcome and declared that “Romania attaches special importance to its relations with Israel, and this visit comes to honor the legacy of our cooperation and especially to project its future. I am confident that uninterrupted friendship relations between our countries, with a tradition of 68 years, based on shared values and objectives, will continue to develop and to expand for the benefit of both peoples. I am confident that the fruitful talks we will engage in throughout this visit will contribute to strengthening our diplomatic, political and, I hope, economic dialogue,” Iohannis said.

He emphasized the desire of developing new areas of cooperation, such as innovation, research, science and technology, which according to him there is a remarkable potential.

Iohannis noted that Romania and Israel have a very good dialogue on current international topics.


President Rivlin: Israel interested in collaboration in cybernetics, agriculture, industry and health sector


President Reuven Rivlin stated on Monday that his country is interested in furthering collaboration with Romania in the fields of cybernetics, agriculture, industry and health.

“Romania enjoys a special status in Israel, as a state that maintained and developed along the years good relations with the State of Israel”, President Rivlin stated. “In past decades these relations have materialized collaborations in fields such as trade, science, economy”, he said in the joint press statement with Romanian President Klaus Iohannis.

The Israeli head of state praised the support provided by President Iohannis in developing relations with Israel.

“We are already collaborating in strategic and defence sectors, the Israeli President stated”, adding that Israel was interested in expanding collaboration in the fields of cybernetics, agriculture, industry and health.

Rivlin expressed confidence in Romania’s commitment to control anti-Semitism, xenophobia and hate during its presidency of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance, which it assumes on March 8.

Moreover, the Israeli head of state spoke about the situation in the region, arguing that Iran still poses a threat to the State of Israel.

The State of Israel is concerned by the latest developments in the Middle East, President Rivlin said, adding that Iran is still a real threat to peace in Israel, both directly and indirectly, and recalled the fact that, only one week ago, an Iranian leader firmly denied the State of Israel’s right to exist. These threats are deepening suspicions and fear throughout the Middle East and are continuing to position Iran as a subversive factor which threatens security in the region, President Rivlin added.


President Iohannis meets PM Benjamin Netanyahu : We thank Israel for solidarity shown after Colectiv tragedy


President Klaus Iohannis thanked during the meeting with Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu for the support provided by his country after the deadly fire in Bucharest’s Colectiv nightclub.

“I take the opportunity to thank Israel for the support provided following the tragic event that took place in the Colectiv nightclub in Bucharest, in October 2015. Many hospitals in Israel offered to receive those injured or to send medicines. We thank you again for this extraordinary show of support,” Iohannis said in a joint press statement with the Israeli PM.

Iohannis stressed that the purpose of his visit to Israel is to boost relations between the two countries, “united by a solid friendship, which passed the test of time in spite of adversities, be they internal or external.”

“We appreciate very much the partnership between our countries, as we proved on numerous occasions,” Iohannis said.

The Romanian head of state expressed his confidence that talks in Israel will open new opportunities for cooperation.

Iohannis added he is counting on Israel’s support during the presidency of the International Alliance for Holocaust Remembrance, which Romania will assume on March 8.

“The revival of anti-Semitism at a European and international level requires a proper answer. I consider education an essential instrument in the fight against this phenomenon, an instrument aimed at bringing a correct knowledge of historic relations that generated these horrid acts,” Iohannis said, adding that in Romania there is a monument dedicated to Holocaust victims and that authorities have adopted a firm stance against any form of anti-Semitism and attemps to deny the Holocaust.

The Romanian head of state informed that he will discuss with PM Netanyahu about Israeli citizens who emigrated from Romania and who prove to be a solid bridge between the two states.

“I strongly believe in their potential to be a fundamental element in developing our partnership. It is very moving the way they talk about Romania, but also about the childhood and youth spent there,” Iohannis added.

Moreover, the Romanian president said that discussions will focus on the recent developments in the Middle East and North Africa and pointed out that the Middle East peace process continues to be a priority on Romania’s foreign policy.

“We will continue to support the ‘two-state solution’ as well as a friendly settlement of the Arab-Israeli conflict. Likewise, we want to identify, as soon as possible, a political solution for the situation in Syria, where hundred of thousand innocent people are affected by the war,” Iohannis said.

Another subject on the agenda will be, according to Iohannis, the challenges posed by migration at European Union level. “We will also discuss about the need for an effort by the entire international community in fighting terrorism, with Romania being involved in these initiatives,” the President stated, according to Agerpres.


Israel’s Netanyahu: I appreciate Romania’s standpoint against anti-Semitism


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu appreciated Romania’s standpoint against anti-Semitism.

“I appreciate the position Romania has adopted against anti-Semitism. It is important not only in the historical context, but also for the present and for the future”, said the Israeli Prime Minister on Monday, in a joint statement with visiting Romanian President Klaus Iohannis at the Israeli Government’s Seat.

Netanyahu said that his country wishes to boost the bilateral relationships with Romania in several fields, such as science, technology, medicine, defence, security, water management and cybernetics.

The Israeli Premier appreciated that the two communities – of Romanians in Israel and of Jews in Romania – have had an important contribution.

Netanyahu reminded that Romania and Israel have had consistent diplomatic relations for 68 years.

“Mr. President, you are a friend of Israel and Israel is a friend of Romania. Looking down on notes to prepare this meeting, I’ve noticed that Romania is the only European country with consistent diplomatic relations with Israel for 68 years. It’s a strong tradition”, said Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.


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