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September 25, 2020

Thousands of Dacia employees stage protest, demand highway

More than 8,000 employees from Dacia and subcontracting companies staged a protest on Monday, in Mioveni’s central square, in favour of objectives of national interest, such as the urgent construction of the Pitesti-Sibiu Highway. “The first objective is the Sibiu-Pitesti Highway. The second, just as important, is the Cash for Clunkers programme. If the Cash for Clunkers programme is not continued (…) we risk up to 30 days on temporary leave this year,” Nicolae Pavelescu, leader of the Dacia Trade Union, stated for Agerpres.

The trade union points out that the completion of the Pitesti-Sibiu Highway will generate thousands of new jobs and will consolidate existing ones. Other trade union leaders who addressed the crowds announced their intention to organize protests in Bucharest in case employees are placed on temporary leave. Likewise, Nicolae Pavelescu did not rule out organizing a protest in Pitesti in the following months if the trade union members’ demands are not met.

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