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September 20, 2020

Carrefour and ANES sign agreement to support domestic violence victims

The National Agency for Gender Equality (ANES) and Carrefour Romania on Tuesday signed a cooperation protocol on social corporate responsibility nationwide to support domestic violence victims.

The national support project for victims of domestic violence includes the single emergency number – toll free 0800.500.333, which domestic violence victims may call for reporting and a package of minimal services for four housing units managed by ANES. Also, the two entities will take actual measures to support integration with the labour market of domestic violence victims by hiring them in the Carrefour chain stores, according to Carrefour Market Director Andreea Mihai.

“I believe this is a natural continuation of the integrated measures for certain instruments and mechanism at the level of society to fight against this phenomenon that is damaging to the Romanian society,”added ANES official Ioana Cazacu.

“We have to offer the victims multiple support options both in the short run, for instance the emergency call, and varied ones in the medium and long runs. And we mean here support for integration with the labour market,” said Cazacu.

Attending the event, Labour Minister Ana Costea said the establishment of the Equal Opportunity Agency is proof to mentalities having changed in the Romanian society.

“I want to express my entire gratitude to and support for the women who have overcome their limitations and continued to prove each day that differences between men and women are artificial, just in the collective consciousness,” said Costea.

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