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August 5, 2021

Catalin Predoiu, PNL: I do not rule out alliance with Traian Basescu’s party

PNL Bucharest President Catalin Predoiu stated on Monday that his call for the creation of an alliance of right-wing forces in order to win Bucharest does not rule out the party led by Traian Basescu or any other right-wing parties.

“I haven’t ruled out anyone in the initiative I personally assumed, what interests me is to maximize Bucharesters’ chances to have a different mayor and a different administration other than PSD,” PNL Bucharest President Catalin Predoiu stated, adding that so far he has not discussed this with Traian Basescu or Monica Macovei.

The Liberal leader stated that the political right wing finds itself in a situation similar to the one registered in the presidential runoff.

“Basically, in these local elections, particularly in Bucharest, we find ourselves in the situation we were in during the presidential runoff, situation in which we are asking the citizens for a useful vote in order to defeat PSD,” Predoiu added. Asked what his decision will be in case the other right-wing parties refuse to back Ludovic Orban in the race for the Bucharest City Hall, the president of PNL Bucharest stated that he sees “no other candidate better than Ludovic Orban, however any detailing of this issue is premature.”

In his turn, Ludovic Orban claimed that he is not involved in the negotiation process and will win the Bucharest City Hall as PNL’s candidate.


Candidates for Bucharest districts to be validated on Wednesday


PNL Bucharest President Catalin Predoiu stated on Sunday on Realitatea TV that the National Liberal Party (PNL) finalized its internal surveys concerning the candidates for the Bucharest Districts and will enter a stage of analysis at the level of the party’s leadership, and the candidates will be validated during the National Standing Bureau’s meeting on Wednesday.

“The districts generated some solutions. We are now analyzing them, validating them, selecting them. (…) This process basically ends on Wednesday. I believe some names will be announced even tomorrow, after the commission, but they will go at the BPN for validation,” Predoiu stated.

Likewise, Cristian Predoiu launched an invitation for Nicusor Dan and Monica Macovei, asking “for us to sit at the same table” and see “what ideas they too have.” Predoiu claims that any centre-right candidate that enters the race is helping PSD by tearing votes away from PNL candidates.

PNL would allegedly back Alexandru Nazare in the race for District 1, instead of Diana Tusa who scored better in the surveys.

For District 2, PNL wants to stake on Cristian Popescu, who tops the surveys ordered by the Liberals.

For District 3, Liberals allegedly take  into account Florin Stefan Vasile, a name recently rumoured for this electoral race.

For District 4, PNL will stake on Razvan Sava, currently interim mayor of Bucharest, while for District 5 the Liberals will back Ovidiu Raetchi in an attempt to win the district led by former PSD leader Marian Vanghelie.

The party’s merger commission is still holding talks in order to establish whom it will support in the race for the District 6 Mayoralty, and the decision may be postponed, Mediafax informs.


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