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August 10, 2022

Famous Gregorian band brings liturgical music to the Palace Hall

The Gregorian band will finally perform in Romania in a show that will be “spectacular” according to the artists!

The “Master of Chants” has reached the end of the story, with Gregorian putting an end to the ten music volumes, an unbelievable success worldwide, a triumphant march that they chose to celebrate through an emotional tour that will reach Bucharest on May 16, at the Palace Hall (8 p.m.).

With worldwide sales of over 10 million albums, winner of Golden and Platinum discs in 18 countries, producer Frank Peterson, the brain behind Gregorian, is certainly one of the most prolific German artists.

“The unique interpretation of the most famous pop and rock songs, the members of the choir dressed as monks, the whole mystery centred around the faces, voices, clothing, will send the audience back to the times of the Western Roman Empire,” GQEntertainment, the event’s organizers, inform.

Frank Peterson, Michael Cretu’s partner in the Enigma project, was the one who brought Gregorian to life.

“It took a lot of inspiration and flair in order to select all the songs for a project such as Gregorian. Not every song is suitable for the Gregorian choir sound. Fortunately, Peterson’s huge musical portfolio and his creativity was what Gregorian needed in order for success to be guaranteed. How do we explain that in Gregorian’s repertoire we can listen to a ballad signed by Eurythmics alongside a Tears for Fears pop song? Or a Peter Gabriel song and a Lenny Kravitz, Metallica or Rammstein sequence? With Gregorian all the songs selected fit perfectly and form a whole that sends a certain message, sending the listener back to a western world, that of the sounds of Gregorian music,” the organizers add.

Gregorian music, also known as Gregorian chant, is a liturgical music style used in Catholic Christianity, inspired from the music of the first generations of Christians in the Western Roman Empire, having developed from the 6th to the 11th Century. The name “Gregorian” comes from Pope Gregory the Great (590-604).

Peterson wanted to form a group that would combine the harmonies of pop music with pre-1991 choir music. He was already a fan of medieval sounds, having immense success alongside Michael Cretu as part of the Enigma project in the early 1990s. Success in international charts, numerous awards, the 9 albums and 5 DVDs launched in 7 years, proved that Peterson was right. Gregorian sold more than 4 million albums in Europe, but also in Asia, South Africa and recently in the United States of America.

“Years ago I visited the Escorial Royal monastery in Spain. Before I entered the monastery, I was listening to rock on my walkman. As soon as I opened the door, I heard sounds that immediately attracted me: the monastery’s choir was singing a Gregorian song. It all mixed up in my head, the rock music from my earphones and those church sounds, and that’s how I came up with the idea,” Peterson, a producer, inventor and discoverer, stated.

Tickets are available online on bilete.ro, eventim.ro, myticket.ro, bilet.ro and salapalatului.ro, at Romanian Post offices, Inmedio, Germanos and Diverta stores, through the Tui Travel network and at the National Theatre.



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