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August 15, 2022

Millionaire Ilie Carabulea, sentenced to 6 years and a half in jail

On Tuesday, the Bucharest Court of Appeals sentenced businessman Ilie Carabulea to six years and a half in jail, executory sentence, for corruption crimes. The decision was taken in the ASF-Carpatica case.

In the same case, judges acquitted former ASF President Dan Radu Rusanu, Agerpres informs. The decision is not final.

Laura Chitoiu, the former Finance Minister’s wife, was sentenced to one year in jail, suspended sentence, Digi24 informs.

Ilie Carabulea was arraigned in April 2014, being charged with setting up a crime ring, buying influence, active bribery, using confidential information in order to obtain undue benefits, instigating forgery in private documents, instigating use of forgery.

Dan Radu Rusanu, former president of the Financial Supervisory Authority (ASF), Laura Chitoiu, former director of ASF’s Referral Directorate and wife of the former Finance Minister, Marian Mirzac, former non-executive member of ASF’s leadership, Radu Mustatea, member of SC Carpatica Asig’s Board and President of the Bureau of Auto Insurers in Romania, were also arraigned in the case.

According to the DNA, in 2012, Carpatica Asig, a company specializing in the issuance of insurance policies, most of which were RCA auto insurances, had a precarious financial situation and required a capital infusion of around EUR 11 M.

Starting in May 2013, Ilie Carabulea, Mustatea and Mirzac set up a crime ring in order to illegally protect Carpatica Asig’s financial interests. Ilie Carabulea (the person who indirectly owned and controlled the insurance company) promoted, backed and financially awarded former director Marian Mirzac in order to be elected within ASF’s leadership, prosecutors stated.

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