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July 27, 2021

Traian Basescu: Kovesi and Udrea, most powerful women in Romania

Popular Movement Party President Traian Basescu believes that National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) Chief Laura Codruta Kovesi and MP Elena Udrea are currently the most powerful women in Romania’s public life.

Traian Basescu took part on Monday in a television show dedicated to women, on the public television channel. The former president talked about the importance of women in his life but also in political and public life.

Asked who the most powerful woman in Romania is at this moment, in his opinion, Traian Basescu stated: “We’re talking about two of them. One is Laura Codruta Kovesi, but she is powerful because she is head of an institution, an extremely powerful institution, and that makes her powerful too. And [the other is] Elena Udrea, who is bearing the institution’s pressures while remaining dignified,” Traian Basescu stated on Monday on TVR1, in a show dedicated to women.

The former president pointed out that, throughout time, he encouraged the promotion of women on various offices, whether in politics or in other domains. “We have to notice one thing. Women, when given power and confidence, have a self-devotion, sometimes taken to the extreme, in proving that they are a good choice. Sometimes they err, sometimes they go above a certain threshold, precisely out of this desire to prove that they are extraordinary. From experience, I can tell you that women have a big problem: they put too much passion when seeing another woman with a purse or pair of shoes they do not have. Women’s big problem at this moment, regardless of how many of them one were to promote, is that no matter how much support they have from men, they in turn do not support each other. It’s something I’ve noticed. Tomorrow is March 8 and I don’t want to be harsh, but I can’t be unfair either,” Basescu said, emphasising that he promoted many women in political life or on public offices. He included Sulfina Barbu, Roberta Anastase, Anca Boagiu, Elena Udrea, Monica Macovei, Laura Codruta Kovesi and Livia Stanciu among them.

The PMP President nevertheless expressed his opposition toward a law that would stipulate that 30 per cent of the candidates on party lists should be women, adding that such an approach should come out of the simple desire of politicians.

“We won’t do anything by forcing through things. The conviction, the awareness that women are our partners should come from our own mind. I am one of those convinced and I’m trying to convince anyone that women are our equal partners and they have proved in critical moments that they are manlier than many men. (…) We have to understand that the time of the macho man has passed. Look into the politicians’ wealth statements. You will notice that many politicians are earning less than their wives,” Basescu added.

Asked whether he would vote for a woman to become Romania’s President, he answered affirmatively. When it comes to voting for a woman running for the office of Bucharest Mayor, Basescu pointed out: “Yes, on one condition – she shouldn’t be Voiculescu’s friend.”

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