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November 30, 2022

KFC and Pizza Hut expand and hire

+ Over 450 job openings in the new restaurants


Present in 23 Romanian cities, the KFC and Pizza Hut chains are looking to hire 450 new employees for the restaurants that will open throughout 2016. At KFC, those interested in a job can choose a job as cashier or as a member of the restaurants’ kitchen staff. At Pizza Hut, the job openings consist of waiter, cashier and chef.

The most appreciated advantages of a job at KFC or Pizza Hut are flexible working hours and special training that helps newcomers easily fit in and understand their duties, and more experienced employees how they can harmoniously grow as part of an international company. The new employees have access to on-the-job training in the restaurant, offered by experts, as well as online training in the form of courses and tests.

After around one year on the job, the members of the KFC team who show good results enter the Manager Trainee programme, thus having the chance to learn management notions that are specific to restaurant activity, to lead a team and to get involved in the experience offered to clients.

“We know it is difficult for young people with no experience to land jobs. That is why we are giving them the chance to work for an international brand, alongside which they have the possibility to develop a career. KFC and Pizza Hut employees benefit from dedicated training and have the chance to advance rapidly in their careers, as part of a young, energetic, positive and ambitious team. Likewise, starting in February, we raised the employees’ salaries by an average of 20 per cent at restaurant level. The two restaurant networks are continuously developing, so that we have job openings in many Romanian cities. During this period, we are looking for over 450 new colleagues for the KFC and Pizza Hut restaurants we will open this year at national level,” stated Mark Hilton, KFC and Pizza Hut Romania Franchise Business Consultant.

Those interested in a job at KFC and Pizza Hut have the possibility to obtain one without prior experience requirements, the minimum age required being 16 years. Apart from the basic salary, the two restaurant chains’ employees receive meal vouchers and results-based quarterly bonuses. Likewise, salary hikes are offered in correlation with their seniority. Another benefit consists of flexible working hours, which they can adapt to their schedules.

This year, in March and April, the KFC and Pizza Hut restaurant chains will take part in two job fairs in several cities: the Career Fair and the Top Employers Fair. The two companies’ representatives will take part in the fairs in order to promote the current job opening, but also jobs that will be created as a result of the opening of new restaurants, as part of the 2016 expansion plan. KFC and Pizza Hut restaurants have over 3,200 employees at national level.

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