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April 16, 2021

“Live your dream!”, theme of Enescu Competition 2016

The 2016 edition of the George Enescu International Competition will take place on September 3-25 and will bring on the stage of the Romanian Athenaeum some of the most promising young artists of the moment, as well as the Competition’s consecrated and award-winning musicians who are now important names at international level, who will give a series of extraordinary recitals. Subscriptions and tickets have already been put on sale through the Eventim network.

According to the organizers, starting with the 2016 edition the George Enescu International Competition will take place as part of a new concept that will bring, alongside young competitors, consecrated names of the world stage and winners of previous events that developed international careers, as well as winners of the 2014 edition in both the instrumental and composition sections of the competition.

“Against the backdrop of the 2014 success, we decided to develop a mixed concept that allows both a better promotion of competitors and laureates, as well as better promotion of George Enescu’s music. The Enescu competition thus becomes the meeting place for consecrated artists, laureates of previous editions that developed an international career, for laureates of the previous edition who are in the process of being promoted, and for young artists that are now fighting to make their mark. As part of this process, each event, after the first stage, will take place at the Romanian Athenaeum, in the form of recitals or concerts, and from stage two, the audience will get access on the basis of tickets and subscriptions. Artists are connected with their audience and it is important for spectators to come to the hall, to be part of these talented people’s dream. That is precisely why the Competition will also have a new theme this year, synthesised through the message “Live Your Dream!”. Thus, the artists’ dreams and the spectators’ dreams will meet in the concert hall,” Artexim CEO Mihai Constantinescu stated.

An event in itself, the Enescu Competition left its mark as a platform for the promotion of young talents on the international stage, and this year it gives the audience the chance to take part in a 22-day musical tournament. The Competition’s full scheduled is available on this link.

The theme of the 2016 Competition will be the power to give life to our dreams, power that animates the young contesters to prepare, work and perform on the stage, in front of the audience and of the jury.

“Live Your Dream!” is the challenge that the Enescu Competition 2016 launches not only for artists but also for the audience, because we are transformed by every dream we give life to. The Enescu Competition invites us to recognize and celebrate the dreams that take us further. Generosity, creativity, discipline and will, involvement – these are the values George Enescy believed in. He wanted to be mainly a composer and he never abandoned his life-long dream. He dreamt to help young artists make their mark. And he did that too. We are the sum of our dreams, as individuals and as society,” Oana Marinescu, Enescu Competition’s PR Director, stated.

The Athenaeum will thus host 19 concerts and recitals. A gala concert that will open the Competition, on September 3, an event that will feature the participation of: Anna Tifu (violin), winner of the Enescu Competition 2007, Valentin Radutiu (cello), winner of the Enescu Competition 2011, Mihai Ritivoiu (piano), winner of the Enescu Competition 2011, and the George Enescu Philharmonic, led by conductor Horia Andreescu. The evening’s programme will include: Triple Concerto for Piano, Violin and Cello, Op.56, Beethoven; the premiere interpretation of Sebastian Andone’s “Tektonum,” winner of the Composition Section at the 2014 edition of the George Enescu Competition; Respighi’s “Pini di Roma” Symphonic Poem.

Three extraordinary recitals given by consecrated musicians, members of the juries of each instrumental section: David Geringas (cello) – Ian Fountain (piano), on September 7; Florin Croitoru (violin) – Verona Maier (piano), September 16; Peter Donohoe (piano) on September 22.

Likewise, the winners of the previous edition will also give three extraordinary recitals: Stefan Tarara (violin), alongside Lora-Evelin Vakova Tarara, Eun-Sun Hong (cello) alongside Thomas Hoppe (piano) and Josu de Solaun (piano).

The stages of the competition are open to the wide audience, being organized thus: stage I (at the Music National University of Bucharest); stage II, stage III – the semi-final for each of the three categories and the three finals, the George Enescu Philharmonic concert will take place at the Romanian Athenaeum. A novelty of this edition is the fact that, starting with stage II, competitors will take to the Athenaeum’s stage.

The conducts of the three finals are: Alex Bloch (cello), Christoph Poppen (violin) and John Axelrod (piano).



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