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January 28, 2022

PNL leadership validates candidates for five Bucharest districts, co-President Vasile Blaga promises sixth candidate will be nominated in two weeks at most

PNL’s National Political Bureau has validated the candidates for the mayoralties of Bucharest’s District 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. PNL Co-President Vasile Blaga (photo) stated that PNL will finalize the process of nominating its candidates in local elections in the next two weeks, all candidates set to be presented in Constanta in early April. “We have convened, for April 2-3, in Constanta, a Local Representatives’ League meeting that will be attended by all of our candidates for city halls and, of course, for the chairmanship of county councils. We have a few mayoral candidates still left to nominate. In two weeks’ time at most, things will be finalized. I have told my colleagues too: there are 48 days left until the lists of candidates have to be filed,” Vasile Blaga stated at a press conference.

The PNL candidates for Bucharest’s districts are: in District 1 – Alexandru Nazare; District 2 – Dan Cristian Popescu; District 3 – Florin Vasile; District 4 – Razvan Sava; District 5 – Ovidiu Raetchi.

According to him, PNL’s candidate for the District 6 Mayoralty will be nominated next week. The PNL Co-President pointed out that a candidate “that would slug it out” is needed in District 6.

“The members of the party’s Bucharest branch come up with proposals based on sociological surveys. Just as it happened now, when we nominated the five candidates. We had surveys on the table, we scrutinized them, we took into account all elements, as part of an analysis that shows more than just how one candidate scores in relation to another – many elements are taken into account – and we have nominated five candidates. We are on the field conducting surveys in District 6. In my opinion, in 10 days’ time we will have the District 6 candidate,” Blaga said on TVR.

In what concerns Rares Manescu, District 6’s incumbent mayor, Blaga said that he does not want to run for a new term. “He probably ran his analysis, thought about how well he managed the district,” the Liberal leader added.

Blaga also pointed out that PNL’s Standing National Bureau has nominated the party’s candidate in Tulcea (Stefana Zibileanu) and has validated five party branch presidents. In Dolj – Nicolae Giugea, in Buzau – Ovidiu Anghel, in Calarasi – Raducu Filipescu, in Galati – Victor Paul Dobre, and in Sibiu – Raluca Turcan.


Alliances with PSD or Popular Movement forbidden


On the other hand, Vasile Blaga said that PNL will not form pre-electoral alliances with any party at central level, but local party branches can form alliances in order to create majorities, on condition those are not alliances with PSD or the Popular Movement (MP). Blaga also referred to the candidates that ALDE and the Popular Movement are proposing for the local elections.

“I watch how ALDE and the Popular Movement are finding their candidates. Resorting only to rejects from PNL,” the Liberal Co-President said.

The reply came not from MP President Traian Basescu but from his lieutenant Eugen Tomac.

“I notice great “Liberal” Vasile Blaga’s desperate attempt to survive politically by attacking the Popular Movement. Out of decency, I did not dare express my opinion on Vasile Blaga’s political qualities. Until today. I can no longer watch how Vasile Blaga, who is more Social-Democratic in thinking than Nicolae Mischie and Nicolae Vacaroiu taken together, comes and lectures us on right-wing politics. Vasile Blaga is the politician that lost all electoral battles. During the previous parliamentary elections, in 2012, he had “slumped” so low that AEP [Standing Electoral Authority – editor’s note] computers needed several days to analyze how to push the great right-wing politician into Parliament,” the executive president of the party led by Basescu wrote on Facebook. “It’s better for Mr. Blaga to mind his own “rejects” within PNL,” Tomac added.



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