Irish beef “Around the World” Promotion launched in Bucharest

The Ambassador of Ireland, H. E. Derek Feely, along with staff and management of the Marriott Hotel and guests launched the international beef promotion event called Around the World on 10 March, in the company of Irish and Romanian businesspeople, members of the Romania Ireland Business Association and Ireland Romania Network.

The Ambassador said:

Ireland is famous worldwide for having a warm and damp climate which means that grass to feed our cattle grows almost all year round. This natural fresh grass diet is what gives Irish Beef its distinctive rich burgundy colour and marbling, and what makes it taste so good!

Ireland may be a small island but, when it comes to food, we’ve got big culinary ambitions. Irish cuisine harnesses some of the best, locally grown ingredients in the world including the freshest seafood the Atlantic cand provide, and beef from cattle raised in lush green pastures fed by soft Irish rains”.

The Embassy of Ireland invites everyone to come along to the JW Steakhouse at the Marriott Hotel and sample the best of Irish beef during this promotion, which will run through the St. Patrick’s Day period and right up until 24 March.



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