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December 9, 2021

Klaus Iohannis harshly criticized in Der Spiegel editorial: “His administration is a disaster, silence has become his trademark”

German weekly ‘Der Spiegel,’ which praised President Iohannis after winning the elections, now considers his administration “a disaster.”

In an article signed by Keno Verseck, former correspondent in Romania and former CCB, Deutsche Welle, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and Die Zeit journalist, Iohannis is criticized right from the title: “Romanian President Klaus Iohannis: the amateur.” Verseck sets out from the decision to rescind Laszlo Tokes’ “Romanian Star” Order and ends up presenting a general critique of the Romanian President.

President Klaus Iohannis started his term with reform promises but his policies seem to be “a disaster,” Der Spiegel comments, labelling the Romanian leader as “a dilettante” and denouncing a series of measures, including the rescinding of Laszlo Tokes’ award.

“Klaus Iohannis, the ethnic German president of Romania, started his term with big reform promises, but his Administration is a disaster. Now, he has abandoned the heroes of the 1989 Revolution too,” Keno Verseck writes in an editorial titled “Romanian President Klaus Iohannis: the dilettante.”

The Der Spiegel editorialist starts his argument by denouncing President Klaus Iohannis’ decision to rescind the “Romanian Star Order” award conferred to Laszlo Tokes, the “spark” that started the anticommunist revolution of 1989, which toppled Nicolae Ceausescu’s regime.

Gradually, analyst Keno Verseck states that Klaus Iohannis’ former fans are now disappointed with the Romania President’s political results.

“When he took over as President, in December 2014, exactly a quarter of century from the fall of Nicolae Ceausescu, Iohannis promised “a Romania of the thing well done”: democratic values, rule of law, eliminating corruption. On the other hand, he only took controversial decisions. Many voters are disappointed, and political analysts reproach him with dilettantism and frequent silence. In fact, silence has become Iohannis’ trademark. Whether we are talking about corruption scandals or the adoption of controversial laws, when it is necessary for the Head of State to express himself, Iohannis remains silent or posts brief messages on Facebook,” the Der Spiegel editorialist notes.


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