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May 15, 2021

National Arena could reopen

The National Arena could reopen this week. The only thing that is still needed for this situation to be resolved is a document that could be filed at the City Hall on Monday. Regional Development and Administration Minister Vasile Dincu made the announcement.

“Probably on Monday, during the Technical Commission meeting, the consent will be given to the City Hall and so this stadium can host games from now on. Had the City Hall made sure to bring analysis bulletins, from 2011 to 2016, as it did now, it would have been much easier. After a media scandal, on March 3, they brought from a laboratory in Italy, which is superior to the one at ISU (the Emergency Situations Inspectorate – editor’s note), the document that says that it is Category B, so it can host games,” Vasile Dincu said.

He also pointed out that he does not understand the reason why the friendly game between Romania and Spain will take place in Cluj.

“The company brought to the ministry’s technical commission a laboratory analysis bulletin from the ISU lab, we gave them the results, and it said that the game can take place since there is no danger,” Vasile Dincu added.

On March 4, Bucharest Interim Mayor Razvan Sava asked Deputy Prime Minister Vasile Dincu to accelerate the procedures through which MDRAP would release the consent on the material the National Arena’s roof is made of. On March 3, the day before, he had pointed out that in case a favourable decision will be taken the fire safety permit can be obtained too.

National Arena, the country’s largest stadium, was shut down because it failed to obtain a permit from ISU. As a result, Steaua FC, which was playing its home games there following a legal conflict with the Army, was forced to move to Pitesti.


Four Bucharest stadiums will be rehabilitated from 2017


The Deputy Prime Minister Vasile Dincu, minister of Development and Public Administration (MDRAP) on Sunday announced that there are a few projects regarding the Dinamo, Steaua, Rapid and Arcul de Triumf (Triumphal Arch), and that starting with 2017 they are to be rehabilitated.

“The projects are recorded at the National Investments Company, at the MDRAP. This fall we’ll have the feasibility studies and with 2017, we’ll start their reconstruction,” said Dincu at the ProTV broadcast ‘After 20 years’.

He explained it is not about a reconstruction from the ground. Depending on the amount of money, “we’ll cover an extended work or more at the playing area. My project is ambitious with four sports complexes to look European, modern. We’ll see how we’ll stand when it comes to the money,” added Dincu.

“There are 50 or 70 stadiums in the large cities on the priority list at the ministry, obviously they could not be covered all at once, but it is very good to rehabilitate the sports facilities of Romania, and this is one of the current government’s projects,” the Deputy PM concluded.


We need an administrative code to replace the huge number of files with amendments


Vasile Dincu on Sunday highlighted the need of an administrative code, saying that 18 laws exist to regulating the local and central administration, all of which ‘huge files with thousands or hundreds of amendments.’

“We need an administrative code, as the civil code to regulate the way in which the administration – both local and central – administrates the private and public property of the state. Right now we lose a lot of money, for instance the concessions. One could not make concessions (…) because there is no clear legal framework about concession and the public servants are afraid (to make it),” said Vasile Dincu at the ProTV broadcast ‘After 20 years’, on Sunday.

He added that the most important thing is to code all these normative acts into a single draft law.

“We shall work at simplifying the type of approvals, hopefully to halving it. In the social care area we shall introduce the minimum inclusion income which is to replace the minimum guaranteed income, the heating aid and the aid for family. There were three aids very hard to manage. In the field of person’s evidence – we shall completely computerize the civil status documents. (…) Starting with this year, I hope, we shall get rid of the stamp, I hope I’ll be able to convince my colleagues and to study the legal conditions when we’ll introduce in the electronic area the possibility to receiving services from administration by simply using the electronic signature,” said the Deputy Prime Minister.

Dincu added that in the fiscal area, the authorities attempt to finalise a process through which registrations should go national.

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