987 green certificates traded in first two months of the year

The number of green certificates traded in the first two months of this year on the Centralized Green Certificates Market was 987, 12 times down from the 12,140 units traded in the similar period of 2015, shows data released by the electricity market operator OPCOM.
A number of 104 sale and three purchase offers were launched in January and 906 green certificates were traded, while February saw 109 sale offers and only one purchase offer and 81 traded green certificates. The closing price was 131.0847 lei per certificate.
Last year, the number of green certificates traded on the Centralized Green Certificates Market fell more than 73-fold to 36,618 from the over 2.675 million units traded in 2014.
According to data published on the OPCOM website, 98 percent of last year’s transactions with green certificates were performed over Jan – April, while in May, June and July there was no such transaction.
The Government approved for this year, at the proposal of the National Energy Regulatory Authority (ANRE), a 12.15 percent quota of renewable energy, compared to 17 percent as initially provided for by Law No. 220/2008.
Renewable energy associations and employers’ associations have protested the Government’s decision to cut the renewable energy quota, complaining that they would no longer have where to sell the green certificates and will go bankrupt.
According to employers in the sector, the quota approved by the Government ensures the sale of just 50 percent of the green certificates on the market, leaving the producers piling up the certificates left unsold.
ANRE set for this year an estimated mandatory green certificate acquisition quota of 0.317 certificates / MWh not excepted. With this figure, only 12,116,662 green certificates will be necessary in 2016 as to 18,909,036 that will be issued according to the ANRE estimates, resulting in a surplus of 6,792,374 certificates that adds to the 4,045,324 that already exist on the market (according to OPCOM data released on December 17, 2015), argue the unhappy investors.

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