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May 29, 2022

Snoop Dogg expected in Bogata, Romania following wrong check-in instead of Bogota, Columbia

Locals are ready to welcome American rapper Snoop Dogg in Bogata, Mures County, Romania, after his erroneous check-in instead of Bogota, Colombia during a tournament.

Bogata mayor Laszlo Barta claims the rural commune with a population of 2,019 already had American visitors, so Snoop Dogg could easily find accommodation and excellent traditional food.

“We’re expecting him with soup made with pork meat and sauerkraut fermented brine; we’ll broil pigs, and most of all welcome him with open, sincere hearts. Here in Bogata we have a bed-and-breakfast about to be commissioned – a small one, with nine beds. Accommodation is also available in locals’ homes; we have good, healthy food – I am a farmer, too. We also have a weddings hall with over 700 seats that already hosted some Americans who had traditional food and a good time. So Snoop Dogg can come with all his crew,” Barta said. He also mentioned as an attraction the plum or apple home-made brandy.


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