Timisoara Society wants pension cuts for former Securitate members. Ion Iliescu also concerned

The members of the Timisoara Society propose, 26 years since the Timisoara Proclamation was drafted, a 50-75 percent pension cut for the former members of the Securitate and of the communist leadership apparatus, Ion Iliescu being included.

Marius Oprea, former director of the Institute for the Investigation of Communist Crimes and member of the Timisoara Society, stated on Saturday, at a press conference convened in order to mark 26 years since the drafting and presentation of the Timisoara Proclamation, that he proposes the drafting of a law that would cut the pensions of former Securitate and communist nomenklatura by 50 to 75 percent, as happened in the case of Alexandru Visinescu.

“In January 2016, President Iohannis promulgated a law through which those convicted of torture have to bear a financial penalty too, namely a pension cut of 50-75 per cent. This law is nonsense, because it targets a single person, Visinescu. In what concerns the conviction of those responsible for the instauration and functioning of the communist regime, I have proposed a draft law that extends the provisions of the 2016 law by similar measures – those responsible for communism, party activists and former Securitate members, magistrates, will get what Visinescu is currently getting; if this draft law is approved that special fund for victims will be getting their money too, just as it currently gets Visinescu’s pension,” Oprea said.

According to him, the law would target those that were members of the communist nomenklatura, but also former Securitate members, namely around 15,000 persons.

“I said we should cut the pensions of the following – members of the councils of ministers up to ministerial level, members of the presidium of the great national assembly, first county secretaries, deputy county secretaries, the leadership of the former Securitate, officers from the Securitate’s Sixth Directorate, persons that worked for or collaborated with the Securitate,” historian Marius Oprea added.

According to him, the pension cuts could be made through court decision, based on information obtained from CNSAS or the Investigation of Communist Crimes. Former president Ion Iliescu is among those that would fall under the provisions of this law.

“Ion Iliescu is among those concerned too, he should donate his pension. The battle continues, however what I have been living for 25 years now – I find myself daily in the same paradox – how to fight against totalitarianism with democratic means. May God help us see the Securitate members without pensions!” Oprea concluded.

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