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December 1, 2021

A new show in the repertoire of National Theatre from Bucharest

A new show has entered the repertoire of the Small Hall of the “I.L.Caragiale” National Theatre, space dedicated in the last two seasons to the young creators, through 9G at TNB Program. EDEN premiere by Eugene O’Brien, from 15th March, continues the action of supporting young artists.

EDEN is the result of the collaboration between the Embassy of Ireland (which offered a scholarship to a MA to mount an Irish text), IL Caragiale National University of Drama and Film and TNB, the show representing the master degree exams – director Cristina Giurgea.

Eugene O’Brien is a young actor and playwright with well-known performances in theatre, film and television. His most successful play is EDEN, a comedy about the tragedy of being alone or the tragedy of some people who become humorous alone because they chose to live together.

“The text talks about the loneliness in a couple and the despair determined by the lack of confidence in themselves and in each other, about the boredom orgies born from this despair. Apparently it is a simple story, a he and a she, each one with their own thinking, with his and her own projection on the love from beginning and the lack of attraction from the present, especially with dramas in the marriage bad. She is fat and she thinks that this is the reason for the breaking between them. She starts to turn herself into what she was when they met, he observes but he cannot stop or he does not want to go out from the lure of the erotic fantasies and of unshared desires.

A dizzying world swarms around them, with parties, alcohol, sex..in a paradoxical night of self-awareness”, it is showed in a press release from TNB.

The premiere will talk place on 15th March, from 20:00, in the Small Hallo, from TNB, in Bucharest.

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