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January 28, 2023

Cluj-Napoca Mayor to name actor Levente Molnar citizen of honour

Actor Levente Molnar will be named citizen of honour of Cluj-Napoca, Mayor Emil Boc announced on Tuesday, during celebrations of the Hungarian National Day in this city of Traansylvania.

Molnar, whose regular job is with the Hungarian State Theatre of Cluj-Napoca, played a key role in the feature film Son of Saul (Hungary, 2015, directed by Laszlo Nemes), winner of the Oscar for best foreign language film at the 88th Academy Awards.

“I believe we have made it, together, to support everything that meant the life of Cluj people, be them Romanian, Hungarian or German, in any field (…). Only by stressing on the things that unite us we can go ahead together. (…) I’m extremely proud as a Cluj native that a one of ours, no matter if a Hungarian ethnic, Levente Molnar, won an Oscar. (…) He does represent me and I’m proud of him, and the Local Council will decide in a future meeting to award him the title of Citizen of Honour of the city of Cluj-Napoca. It honours me and I believe that this is how we should all relate ourselves, no matter where the values are coming from,” Boc told a crowd of 1,000 persons who celebrated March 15, Hungary’s 1848-49 Revolution and War of Independence.




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