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May 12, 2021

HealthMin Achimas-Cadariu: Floreasca burn unit to open; specialists trained under project with French Embassy

Health Minister Patriciu Achimas-Cadariu told a plenary session of the Senate on Tuesday that a burn unit will open at the Floreasca Hospital of Bucharest which future doctors will complete their specialist training in France.

“About the situation at the Floreasca Hospital, as you may know, the main reason, besides technical aspects that had been solved in the first place, the problem of oxygen equipment remained, which is being taken care of, as well as a shortage of staff. The hired staff left in just some weeks. The solution we found was to train specialists, under a project with the French Embassy, who were in the end hired after four consecutive competitions by the management of the hospital. The first three of them have already left for France and, in the meantime, the oxygen equipment is being installed so that the operation theatre may become operational. Upon the return of the fellow doctors from France, the first two wards will become operational and then, as the training of the others ends in France, the next two wards will be open, so that in the end there will be six operational wards,” said Achimas-Cadariu.

Achimas-Cadariu on Tuesday was called to the Senate for a Minister’s Question Time to discuss healthcare staff pay.

The session started more than one hour behind schedule because of absent senators, as only 44 senators were there at the appointed time, according to the roll call.


Case of babies with HUS: All standard steps were taken as in any European country


Health Minister Patriciu Achimas-Cadariu told the Senate plenary sitting on Tuesday, in response to the Social Democratic Party (PSD) Senator Serban Nicolae’s request to file his resignation for the manner in which he managed the situation of the children with hemolytic uremic syndrome, that he assumes the communication problems, but that the steps taken were those standard in any European country.

“In respect to the problem raised by Mr Serban Nicolae, what I can tell you is that, beyond the communication problems which I have assumed, all the steps were taken as it would have happened in any country in Europe. The fact that things are currently mixed between what happened and what was communicated in various manners exceeds me and I am sorry for this. If we follow the releases and everything that has happened during this time I believe the truth will come forth,” the Health Minister said, according to Agerpres.

PSD Senator Serban Nicolae on Tuesday in the Senate plenary sitting asked Health Minister Patriciu Achimas-Cadariu to resign for not having dealt with some serious situations, referring to the children diagnosed with hemolytic uremic syndrome who died.

“With all due respect, I know the good reputation you have as a doctor, as a manager, and what I am about to tell you has nothing to do with my respect for you, which is complete and this is under no circumstance a form of attack. I respectfully ask you to take into consideration your resignation from the minister office, as I find it a gesture of responsibility and normalcy. It is nothing shameful in what I propose you and it is nothing degrading in assuming responsibility for some serious situations that you haven’t dealt with. With all due respect, I am telling you this and with all the sorrow, we are in the situation in which a crisis that led to the death of some children has not been treated as a crisis, but as a press event. Therefore, I would ask you to choose between dignity and pride and choose dignity taking into account that it also includes responsibility,” Serban Nicolae told the Senate plenary sitting, at the Minister’s Question Time, with the participation of Patriciu Achimas-Cadariu.


National Investment Company to update feasibility studies for 3 future regional hospitals


The National Investment Company will update the feasibility studies for the three regional hospitals planned in the counties of Dolj, Iasi and Cluj, and which will be funded with European funds, Health Minister Patriciu Achimas-Cadariu told the Senate plenary sitting on Tuesday.

“In respect to the regional hospitals, the initial proposal was that the feasibility studies be redone with World Bank funding. After the discussions with the colleagues, the prime minister and Deputy PM Vasile Dincu, we came to the conclusion that this can be done with the National Investment Company and completed at the shortest. Therefore, they have taken over the task of carrying through the updating of the feasibility studies for the three regional hospitals,” Achimas-Cadariu said.

On March 3, European Commissioner Corina Cretu cautioned that almost one year after the Regional Operational Programme was signed with funds provided for the three future regional hospitals, not even the location of the three medical facilities had been clearly established.

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