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May 9, 2021

New adoptions law unanimously adopted in Parliament

The new adoptions law has been adopted in the Lower Chamber. The draft law was adopted unanimously, and the amendments brought tend to simplify the adoption procedure. The Government drafted the law in 2015, and its initial form underwent several changes while the draft went through Parliament. The form adopted by the Government stipulates simplified procedures for domestic and international adoptions. Thus, the deadline for a court appeal has been lowered from 30 to 10 days and the first court session has to take place within 15 days from registration. Moreover, custody assignment procedures have been simplified, as well as those concerning the obtainment of adoption certificates.

The new law also introduces, for the first time, the accommodation leave for one of the adoptive parents. The Government established the leave at 90 days, period in which an indemnity of approximately RON 1,700 per month will also be paid.

Likewise, the period for the drafting of the report on easing the overtures that concern the issuance of the adoption certificate has been lowered from 120 days (as established by Government) to 90 days.

The Government had established that spouses have the right to initiate adoption procedures if they lived in Romania for one year at most prior to filing their request, however the Lower Chamber decided that this period should be lowered to 6 months. Moreover, in the form adopted by the Government, the draft law stipulated a period of 90 days, the members of Parliament’s special commission proposing its extension to one year.

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