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May 23, 2022

Paula Seling to sing in Cahul, 98 years since Bessarabia’s union with Romania

Against the backdrop of the 98th anniversary of Bessarabia’s Union with Romania, a historical event of national importance, the Romanian Cultural Institute, through the Romanians Abroad Directorate, will organize in Bessarabia two cultural events that will bring together on the same stage artists from both banks of the Prut River.

The programme includes a concert offered by Paula Seling and her band at the Cahul Culture Palace, at 6 p.m., on March 25. In Balti, Catalin Josan, Alex Calancea Band and Cristofor Aldea Teodorovici Orchestra, will give a concert at the ‘Vasile Alecsandri’ National Theatre at 6 p.m. on March 26.

Attendance is free of charge, within the limit of available space.

Partners: Romania’s General Consulate in Cahul, Cahul City Hall, “Tinerii Moldovei” Association.

Well-known Romanian artist Paula Seling is appreciated on both banks of the Prut River for both her vocal qualities and public repertoire, having numerous awards and trophies in her portfolio.

She represented Romania at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2010, alongside Ovi, finishing 3rd, and at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2014, finishing 12th.

A graduate of the Academic Canto Faculty of the Music, Theatre and Arts Academy of Chisinau, son of Nicolae Josan, the founder of the ‘Mateevici’ Literary Circle’s band (1989), Catalin Josan is an artist appreciated for his musical skills and for the way he mixes new musical currents with classical Romanian music currents.

Formed in August 2014, the Aldea-Teodorovici Orchestra is a project drawing inspiration from folkloric traditions and contemporary music, which proposes live shows based strictly on the authentic sound of instruments and voice, in a manner that cannot be imitated by any electronic device. Cristofor Aldea-Teodorovici is the band’s artistic conductor, soloist and founder.

The mix of folk, progressive rock, funk, soul and ethno in a pop-orchestra street style with funky undercurrents forms the specific style of the Aldea-Teodorovici band.

On 27 March 1918, the National Council convened within the Parliament in Chisinau and decided, with a majority of votes, to sign the Act of Union between Bessarabia and Romania. 86 of the 135 MPs present voted in favour. Three voted against and 36 abstained. The result of the voting was received with applause and shouts: “Long live the Union with Romania!”

National Council Chairman Ion Inculet, Deputy Chairman Pantelimon Halippa and Secretary Ion Buzdugan signed the Union Act. The National Council’s proclamation read: “The Moldavian Democratic Republic (Bessarabia), bordered by the Prut, Nistru, Danube, Black Sea and the old borders with Austria, annexed by Russia over one hundred years ago from the body of the old Moldavia, by virtue of her historical and national right, based on the principle that nations alone should decide their fate, forever joins her mother Romania in union.”




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