PNL Co-President Alina Gorghiu to DNA Chief: “Each one has to clean up one’s own backyard”

PNL Co-President Alina Gorghiu expressed her concern with the statement made by National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) Chief Prosecutor Laura Codruta Kovesi, according to which several National Property Restitution Agency (ANRP) case files were at the Directorate when she took over its leadership, but were not being handled. Gorghiu emphasised that this statement is serious and there have to be explanations.

“Each one has to clean up one’s own backyard and if things are really like that and I wonder –I don’t know whether necessarily when it comes to restitutions – but consider that there are many cases that are gathering dust for years on end, this is my question mark. (…) I don’t think it is normal to keep a case in the drawer for 5-10 years, without working on it, and then to put it on a desk and start holding hearings 10-12-14 years later, because there are multiple question marks and suspicions here,” the PNL Co-President stated.

“It’s an institution that is publicly funded, an institution that has the Romanian population’s support and enjoys great credibility and I would like to know, as a party leader, if there is indeed this type of behaviour within an institution like the DNA – to keep some cases because you didn’t want to handle them. It’s a pretty serious statement and I would like to hear details from the head of this institution. (…) There has to be a justification,” the PNL leader stated on Digi24 on Wednesday.

She added that the enforcement of court decisions is showing a deficit. Gorghiu also stated that Justice Minister Raluca Pruna’s statement about the government emergency ordinance on wiretapping was unfortunate and she criticized the politicians’ reactions to this issue.

“The statement is unfortunate. To associate the idea of rights and freedoms with the term “luxury,” I find it unfortunate. (…) I believe the answer was of exaggerated vulgarity,” the PNL leader said.

Laura Codruta Kovesi stated on Wednesday, on ‘Adevarul Live,’ that ANRP cases were at the DNA when she took over its leadership, pointing out that nobody had browsed them for many years.

“There was a case involving an ANRP Vice President, Baciu if I’m not mistaken, which was handled by the DNA. On that occasion, several restitution case files were picked up and were at the DNA. I can tell you that nobody had browsed those files for many years,” Kovesi said.

She pointed out that the case files concerned enormous sums offered as bribe, many properties being overvalued, the state losing a lot of money as a result.

“The Prime Minister’s lack of reaction also annoys me”

The PNL Co-President also criticized Premier Dacian Ciolos’ lack of reaction to the case concerning babies hospitalized with haemolytic uremic syndrome, stating that she would like to see a “braver” Premier paying more attention to the ministries’ “blunders.”

“I would like to see a Prime Minister that reacts when his ministers make mistakes too, because the blunders between the Agriculture Ministry, the Health Ministry, this whole endless crisis with no solutions, annoy me profoundly. And I am also annoyed by the Prime Minister’s lack of reaction (to the HUS crisis – editor’s note),” the PNL Co-President stated on Digi24.

Asked whether she still wants Dacian Ciolos to join PNL, Alina Gorghiu answered: “our message to any technician, any well-trained man, is that the party’s doors are open.”

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