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February 25, 2021

“Protection of journalists and freedom of the press” Conference

Seeking the truth is a journalist’s most important work, says press attaché Angela L. Gemza of the U.S. Embassy in Bucharest.

Addressing the conference “Protection of journalists and freedom of the press” hosted by Agerpres at the Parliament Palace on Thursday, she reminded that the United States support free media and the freedom of speech. America believes that exposing the truth is a public service, she said, mentioning that journalists contributed to unveil drug trafficking networks, to stop human trafficking, and they exposed cases of corruption. The power of journalism makes it a target for corrupt and criminal individuals, who want it silenced, while journalists give a voice to those who cannot speak for themselves and protect the society. Democracy cannot work without someone to held responsible the power structures, Gemza explained.

She asserted that the past three years have been particularly difficult for journalists worldwide, as more than 200 of them were detained and at least 60 were killed. Journalists are also targeted by more cyber attacks, which also become more complex. She gave the example of China, where foreign correspondents had their personal devices bugged.

 Organised by Agerpres together with ActiveWatch, the Centre for Independent Journalism, FAIR-Mediasind and the European Federation of Journalists, the conference is aimed at identifying solutions for the proper unfolding of media activities. The event addresses four topics of discussion – “The legal protection of journalists”, “Technological Data Protection Measures”, “Copyright and ethics”, “Terror and manipulation through media.”


 Agerpres head Alexandru Giboi: Agency news not under copyright protection; this needs to change


Agerpres Director General Alexandru Giboi (photo)said on Thursday that agency news is not protected by copyright and it is paramount that this situation changes.

“The importance of copyright for the agency derives mostly from the fact that agency news does not stand under copyright protection. For us it is very important that this situation changes, because this is what we mainly do as a news agency. On the other hand, private media almost entirely disregards copyright, and we tried to notify them every time. We understand that we are a news source to them; this is why we also made the news stream public, actually offering them the opportunity to access a competent news flow, but it is very important to educate them and that they understand this is our work, our colleagues’ work that needs to be respected, and that they must act accordingly, not steal from others’ work,” Giboi said at the Palace of Parliament in the opening of the conference “Protection of journalists and freedom of the press.”










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