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August 5, 2021

‘#Selfie69’ sequel to be screened for the first time in May

‘#Selfie69,’ the sequel of Romanian film director Cristina Iacob’s ‘#Selfie,’ a novel comedy, will hit the silver screens for the first time in May. Cristina Iacob, Maria Spirache and Tudor Potra sign the screenplay and the cast includes both consecrated and young actors.

After Cristina Iacob’s ‘#Selfie,’ the Romanian film with the biggest Box Office success in 2014 (over 100,000 tickets sold), the ‘#Selfie69’ sequel will be launched this summer. The premiere is scheduled in May.

The screenplay of the film distributed by Zazu Film is signed by Cristina Iacob, Maria Spirache and Tudor Potra, and the shooting took place in the spring of last year, in 43 locations in and around Bucharest, and lasted 33 days.

“#Selfie69 came naturally, the movie-goers’ reactions, their presence in high numbers at cinemas, gave me the strongest motivation for a sequel. The young audience is waiting for stories written for them, characters with which to interact directly, situations and stories that belong to them. After the premiere, messages from the audience started to pour in: When will the sequel come? Well, the waiting will be over in May,” film director Cristina Iacob said.

The following actors were cast in the main roles: Crina Semciuc, Flavia Hojda, Olimpia Melinte, Levent Sali, Vlad Logigan and Alexandru Calin, alongside Razvan Vasilescu, Alina Chivulescu and Razvan Fodor.

The cast from the first film will be spiced up with many other famous names, such as: Maia Morgenstern, Antonia, Alex Bogdan, Adela Popescu, Virgil Iantu, Maria Dinulescu, Tolea Ciumac and other known actors.

After the seaside adventures they experienced right before their Baccalaureate exam, the three female characters – Yasmine (Crina Semciuc), Roxi (Olimpia Meline) and Ana (Flavia Hojda) – are experiencing a new challenge: a bet, on life and love. With even more life and friendship lessons, humour and love stories, ‘#Selfie69’ will bring exciting moments, famous names, surprising shots and a lot of humour.

Cristina Iacob’s filmography includes ‘In film la Nasu’ (2012), ‘Zestrea’ (short-reel, 2011), ‘Mircea Veroiu’ (documentary, 2010), ‘Raport despre indiferenta’ (short-reel, 2010) and ‘Poveste de dragoste’ (2015).


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