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January 17, 2022

Moldovan Presidency confirms that Traian and Maria Basescu applied for citizenship on March 8

Former Romanian President Traian Basescu, President of the People’s Movement Party (PMP), and his wife Maria applied for Moldovan citizenship last week in Chisinau, political sources confirmed for Agerpres on Friday.

Traian Basescu expressed plans to apply for Moldovan citizenship on numerous occasions, as a sign of respect and appreciation for Moldova and its people.

The former Romanian president had announced in 2013 that he wants to apply for Moldovan citizenship after he finishes his second term in office. In fact, the first visit he paid in April 2015 was to Chisinau. On that occasion, the former Head of State stated that he is giving up for the moment on the idea of applying for Moldovan citizenship, invoking the fact that the political situation in that country was not “propitious” for such an overture.

“Previously I stated that, during my first visit to Chisinau, as former president, I would ask for the Moldovan citizenship. I didn’t do it because the political situation in Moldova is not propitious for such a thing. I will come up with the request to become citizen of the Republic of Moldova later on,” former President Traian Basescu stated in April 2015.

Also back then, Basescu met Moldovan President Nicolae Timofti, the latter telling him there would be no problem with his bid.

Timofti announced in 2014 that Basescu could receive Moldovan citizenship at any time.

“Given that you offered many Moldovan citizens Romanian citizenship, I believe it is not a problem for us to give you Moldovan citizenship. I want to thank you and to wish you good health and success,” Timofti said at the time.

“Traian Basescu and Maria Basescu asked for Moldovan citizenship on March 8, Ana Samson, main public relations consultant of the Presidency of the Republic of Moldova, confirmed on Friday“, pointing out that the approval of the request is pending.

“The request was filed on March 8, by Mr. and Mrs. Basescu. The request is in the process of being approved by several state institutions, and after the institutions give their approval the President of the Republic of Moldova will take the decision,” Ana Samson stated.

“The legal deadline is one year, but of course if the institutions fast-track this request the President will receive the request earlier,” Ana Samson added.

According to sources, the previous experience of Moldovan institutions shows that the requests could be approved even within three or four months’ time. Former President Traian Basescu recently applied for Moldovan citizenship, being of the opinion that the current Moldovan Government is stable, sources close to the former president stated for Mediafax.

According to the aforementioned sources, an aspect that will weigh heavily in the decision is the fact that during Traian Basescu’s terms in office over half a million Moldovans obtained Romanian citizenship.

I announced since I was President that I would like to have Moldovan citizenship

Traian Basescu stated on Friday that the request to obtain the citizenship of the Republic of Moldova is an issue that concerns the Moldovan authorities and he made the request in the spirit of what he had stated back when he was Romania’s acting president, namely that he would like to be citizen of the Republic of Moldova.

“This (solving his citizenship application – editor’s note) is an issue that concerns the authorities in the Republic of Moldova. I made the request in the spirit of what I had stated back when I was acting president, that I would like to have the citizenship of the Republic of Moldova,” was the only statement on this issue made by the former president at a press conference.

Asked by a journalist whether he plans to run for president in the Republic of Moldova, Basescu answered: “Good evening, madam.”

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